Four Excellent Suggestions for Sewing Vinyl and Leather Bags

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4 fantastic suggestions for sewing vinyl and leather bags include using regular sewing process for thin vinyl, getting the right equipment and technique for thick vinyl, utilizing regular sewing machine for lightweight suede, and dealing with a commercial sewing machine for medium suede.

When you want to make sure that the handbags you produce can stand a variety of stress associated to common use, you should utilize vinyl or suede material. While these components are indeed tough, they are also tough to focus on. Here you will get some great suggestions on sewing vinyl and suede in varying thickness.

Utilize regular sewing process for thin vinyl

You will typically have no problem sewing thin vinyl for your vinyl bags using any standard sewing machine with ordinary thread and sewing accessories. It is because the material is very easy to work with, because it is not rigid. But because pin holes will stay on the material when you use pins, it’s best to make your handbags by laying your pattern over the vinyl and tracing around the pattern utilizing chalk. If you really must utilize pins to secure your pattern in place over the vinyl or to keep two vinyl pattern pieces together in the short term, be sure to utilize your pins on the seam allowance. This way, no pin openings will be seen on your finished work. Rather than pins for holding the vinyl pieces in the short term together, you can even use mini binder clips or even tiny hair clips so you’ll not be marring any part of your handbag.

Have the right devices and strategy for thick vinyl

Thick vinyl can indeed create vinyl handbags really durable. Nevertheless, using thick vinyl has a downside. It is difficult to sew through it using most typical sewing machines. To sew through this material, you need to use heavy thread; device needles in the sizes 90, 100, 110, or 120; and have a presser foot which is Teflon coated. All these elements are particularly designed for thick fabric supplies such as thick vinyl. When sewing your material, you must do so in a slow and deliberate way. You should also make sure that the needle you are using is very sharp or brand new. Bear in mind that your needles will be susceptible to breakages because of the thickness of the vinyl material. With this in mind, have several extra new needles with you when you start working. If your machine can hold a presser foot height compensator, you might also want to consider having one. You should also consider utilizing commercial machine to make the job less difficult. And lastly, sharpen your scissors very well before beginning working or you can utilize a craft knife.

Make use of regular sewing machine for lightweight suede

You can use soft leathers such as deer hide, kangaroo hide, or suede that’s light enough for clothing to produce handbags using any standard sewing machine along with Teflon coated foot and heavy thread. Normal scissors could also be used to cut the leather; nevertheless, its blades will become dull a lot easier when compared to cutting cloth fabric. Depending on the thickness of the material, you could pin the pattern pieces together. Avoid using pins if the material is very thick because it will cause the pins to flex. Rather than applying pins, you can apply clips to keep the pattern pieces jointly.

Work with a commercial machine for medium suede

Stitching medium weight suede, just like heavy vinyl material, needs an industrial machine, Teflon coated presser foot, and high thread. But if you wish to sew the materials manually, you must have an awl, also as an upholstery needle that has leather cording, particularly if the leather material is thick.

By having the right sewing machine and all the necessary sewing attachments, not only will you have a greater chance of creating clean and beautiful handbags, but your work will also be done much faster.

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