7 Clever Methods to Get Discount Rates on Car Rental Fees

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To get special discounts on automobile rentals, use coupon codes to get discounts; check out websites of car rental firms; use other special discounts; ask the sales representative for a price reduction; consult your club membership for affiliate discounts; get special fees from your company’s car rental company partner; and take advantage of hire car membership program.

In case you want more savings and more spending budget for your other trip costs, try the following methods to get discounts on your car hire:

Make use of coupon codes to get discount rates

Coupon codes for vehicle rentals are commonly available from online coupon sites. If you aren’t aware of these websites, just head to a search engine key in the rental car business of your liking at the search box, and also the words “promotional code”. For instance, key in “Europcar promotion code” . For a more generic search, you could input the name of your location, like “UK rental car promotional code” or “UK car hire coupon code” according to our example. These codes may be typed in straight to coupon box provided for by a rental car company’s site. There are also printable online codes from coupon sites which you can present to specific corporations for rental discounts.

Check out sites of car rental corporations

Several hire car corporations offer special discounts to those who book and pay online. These companies are more generous during famous holidays, like Halloween and Christmas. Aside from getting potential special discounts, checking out the corporation’s site lets you see the essential details you need to rent from their company.

Take advantage of other special discounts

In case you’re a senior citizen or travelling with a senior citizen, you can obtain discount rates from some car hire firms for seniors over a specific age. Other companies may not publish this special discount, so make sure you inquire from the corporation.

Ask the sales agent for a discount

Even when no marketing promotions are available, you could always try asking the sales representative of the agency to give you a special discount. Numerous agents grant these discounts to first-time renters, and also to regular renters.

Consult your club membership for affiliate special discounts

Club memberships, like automotive groups, may offer you special discounts on affiliated car rental corporations. Make sure you know the affiliated firms and countries, along with your club benefits to take full advantage of your membership and to save on your rental car expenses.

Get special rates from your firm’s car hire company partner

Most companies partner with other corporations to save money on travel bookings. These include hotels, restaurants, as well as car hire businesses. Inquire from your hr department if you have one for car rental. If you are having a business trip, let your Hr representative book the automobile for you for a discounted rate. If on a leisure trip, be sure you mention the name of your enterprise upon booking and maybe they will provide you a special rate as well.

Take advantage of car rental membership program

To attract more clients, numerous big car rental companies provide international membership that provide discounts on car rentals on chosen countries. Besides rental discounts, some memberships also offer other travel-related discounts, like hotel and restaurant discount rates.

Getting a discount on your car rental may not be fast and easy, but it would surely leave more money in your pocket for your other expenses and for your savings.

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