5 Perfect Designs for ID Badge Holders

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Clear plastic, big, pocket protector style, wallet style, and character designed are the ideal styles for ID badge holders.

Employees, officers, students, and also millions of other people are needed to have and wear IDs or some type of identification. Therefore, ID badge holders have also risen in demand. To fit the needs of business people, professions, or even simply the personal preference of the wearer, manufacturers have come up with numerous styles in their ID badge holders. Here you will know some of the best styles of these holders.

Clear plastic

One of the most widely used badge holders is the one created from clear and colorless plastic that look like shop ticket holders. This type of badge holder also comes in different styles. They can be utilized through a clip like alligator or metal clips, a pin, or even a slot at the top border for passing through a lanyard or strap on clip. These types of holders can be purchased as single slots, folded holders that could support two badges, and also several badge holders that can either be longer and folded or just longer with more slots.


Large badge holders appear like extra-large plastic envelopes and are generally hanged on the neck through a lanyard. You will notice this kind of holder widely used during sporting activities, concert events, and other similar events which signify VIP status. These can also be utilized to contain pit passes or large event tickets. This type of holder can be created entirely of clear plastic or clear at the front and either white or black colored plastic at the back. An individual using a lanyard-style, large badge holder can easily be recognized from a throng of people or from a distance.

Pocket protector style

Several doctors, government employees, architects and law enforcement officers use pocket protector badge holders. This kind of holder is formed like a letter ”V”, just like how a book with only 2 pages would appear like. It allows the holder to be clipped over or placed securely in the pocket to either display the ID that is within it or keep this concealed from view. The pocket of the holder where the ID is put is covered with clear plastic. While for the style which keeps the ID concealed in the real pocket, the exposed flap of the case can be written with the owner’s name for her or his immediate identification. Some designs even allow for the placement of pens along with other related things inside them.

Wallet design

The wallet style ID badge holder is another kind of holder and is commonly worn by law enforcement authorities and some government personnel. As the name suggests, it’s formed like a wallet and that which could be folded in two. The ID or credentials are put inside this wallet style holder and kept from view until it is crucial to have them shown. This kind of holder can either be kept inside the pocket or hanged over the neck through a lanyard. Access to a person’s identification can still be done very easily since all one needs to do is flip open the wallet and flash the ID or IDs which are inside.

Character designed

Producers have also produced ID badge holders which are designed for young children, young students, or anyone who’s young at heart. This kind of badge holder has a clear plastic on the front area and a style of a cartoon character on the opposite side. The holder comes in numerous shapes based on the design, and also colors on the designed side.

Regardless of the kind of ID you have, you can definitely benefit from putting on an ID badge holder.

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