3 Important Ideas in Choosing a Handheld Paper Shredder

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Guidelines for selecting a handheld paper shredder include choosing either power or manual, selecting a cutting type, and determining a price range.

While Internet security is a typical concern amongst many web users, dumpster diving is actually the biggest threat to the security of an individual’s personal and delicate information. With a handheld document shredder, you do not need to wait to reach your big office or house shredder to ruin your ATM slips or credit card receipts. In this specific article you’ll be guided on how to purchase a handheld paper shredder.

Pick out either power or manual

There are 2 kinds of handheld document shredding devices with regards to their performance. One type requires electricity to be able to work, while the other only requires a bit of muscle power. Power run devices have also 3 subtypes: those that are powered directly from plugging into the power outlet, those which are powered by AA batteries, and those which are run by USB ports. Manual document shredders, on the other hand, are also available in a variety of designs. There are those that look similar to various pairs of sharp scissors being glued to each other so that every time you bring the handles together, you create several cuts rather than just one. The other design for a manual paper shredder is an elongated object which you twist with your hands so that the paper is pulled further inside and then destroyed to pieces. Just as the name suggests for manual paper shredders, you manually work on them so they will cut the papers into bits of pieces.

Pick a cutting type

You also need to figure out a cutting type for your document shredder. You can find three cutting types to select from. The first one is the strip cut. A strip cut offers the most fundamental protection for your shredded papers. It basically just cuts the paper into long and narrow strips. If your papers contain really sensitive data, the strip cut isn’t the most advisable shredding equipment to acquire. The 2nd type of shredder cut is the crosscut. This type cuts the papers in crisscross directions and produce bits of shredded paper that are much harder to piece together as compared to the strip cut. The last cut type is the micro cut, that turns the document into tiny confetti pieces, and which thus provides the top security amongst all the cut types.

Determine a price range

Once you’ve decided which type of document shredder to get, you can now select a price range for your chosen gadget. There are many makers for handheld paper shredders that provide a wide range of prices for these gadgets. While you can check out physical stores in your area, you can also scout on the internet for these gadgets. Find out the different prices of your chosen handheld document shredder so that you can pick which one will fit your budget. Rates can vary from a few bucks to more than 50 dollars. If you order over the internet, be sure to add delivery and other fees for the overall price.

Contrary to the common belief that a handheld paper shredder can only be used for small-sized documents, you can simply cut a large paper into small sizes and feed it into the gadget and then shred it.

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