Two Powerful Approaches You Can Take Care of Your Handicap Tag

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Two techniques to take care of your handicap tag: laminating it and putting it inside of a permit holder.

In case you’ve some type of disability that allowed you to own a handicap tag, it is essential that you know how to take care of this tag to keep it in good condition. A handicap tag offers certain privileges to its owner. Nevertheless, this permit can also easily get damaged if not managed properly. Here you’ll know the methods to take care of your handicap tag.

Laminate the tag

*Secure a plastic sleeve

Purchase a clear plastic sleeve, such as a job ticket holder, and put the tag in it. The sleeve will protect the tag from getting ripped, damaged or spilled with fluid.

*Put two laminating papers

Once you’ve the tag inside the clear plastic sleeve, you’ll now need to get ready 2 clear laminating papers. Put 1 on a clean flat working surface and put the tag, while still in the sleeve, over it. Position the tag so that it’s in the center of the clear laminating paper. Then, get the other paper and put this over the tag.

*Cut the laminating paper to size

While the tag is put in the center of the laminating papers, measure from all around its side half an inch on the paper. Then, using a pair of sharp scissors, cut out the part of the paper which is beyond the ½ inch from the side of the tag.

*Seal off the tag inside of the laminating paper

One part of the laminating paper has an adhesive surface, pull the cover of the adhesive area and connect the tag on it. Make sure that tag is placed in the center. Next, show the adhesive surface of the other laminating paper and attach this to the first laminating paper with the tag between them. Press the entire surface of both laminating papers together to make sure that they are sticking with one another very well.

*Trim the edges

Trim the edges of the laminating paper even more as required.

*Look for an area for the tag

You may then place the tag inside of the glove area or the side holders of the passenger door or the vehicle driver’s seat.

Put the tag inside a permit holder

*Hold the tag

If you choose not to seal the tag permanently inside laminating papers, you may also put the tag inside of a permit holder, instead. To do this, first hold the permit holder by supporting one of its sides alongside the open end using your thumb, and the opposite side with your middle finger.

*Open the case

With your 2 fingers in place on reverse sides of the holder, carefully squeeze the holder to open it slightly. Permit holders are made from clear plastic or vinyl material which can either be smooth or rigid. And they also normally have an opening either at the side or top edge.

*Place the tag inside the holder

After you have opened the holder, keep it that way while you gently slide the tag inside. Wiggle the tag inside until it gets to the base of the holder and both edges of the two items are aligned with one another.

*Hang the tag underneath the rearview mirror

You can then display the tag by hanging it from the base of the rearview mirror. Just hook the tag on the base through the holder’s slice and opening. In case the holder was bought with a detachable hook, follow the maker’s instructions on how to attach the holder to the hook and the hook to the base of the mirror.

Some states have distinct rules on the ownership and use of handicap tags. It is thus important that you find out beforehand if you can laminate your tag to prevent rendering it invalid.

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