3 Valuable Tips in Delivering a Record Album

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Covering with initial wrappings, developing a sturdy box, and picking a process for delivery are useful ideas in mailing a record album.

Whether you are shipping the first LP you sold over the web or delivering it to a friend, it is essential that you know the way to mail record albums. These materials are highly vulnerable that even with a minimal scratch, it can destroy their power to play. This post will offer you beneficial ideas in delivering an album.

Cover with primary wrappings

As much as possible, protect your album by covering it with the initial wrappings. Depending on how valuable the record that you’re delivering is, prevent scratches from occurring on its surface by covering it by using tissue paper. Ensure that the tissue will securely stay in place at least until the record gets to its destination. You may then slide the album inside of a plastic envelope and wrapped even more with bubble wrap. This will guarantee that the album will remain intact even if its container is accidentally dropped onto the ground. These materials also ensure that the record is protected from fluid spills. Tissue papers, vinyl envelopes as well as bubble wraps are often found in office supplies and also craft stores. If for whatever reason you can’t get bubble wrap, leftover quilt batting will also provide superb support to the record from shock as well as drops.

Build a sturdy box

Boxes produced especially for record albums are available, and also personalized ones. You can, however, easily produce one for the album you plan to mail. All that you should do is acquire a piece of corrugated card board in the perfect size and make the box. In case you’ve old boxes at home that are made of corrugated cardboards, then you obviously don’t need to purchase one anymore. Just make sure that you get two pieces of this particular cardboard with the measurements 15 inches by 15 inches each, depending on how thick your album is covered. Corrugated cardboards, by the way, can be bought very cheaply in school supplies shops. After you have obtained the 2 pieces of cardboards, put one on the surface of the table and position the padded album in the center. Then, fold all sides of the cardboard to the center and secure the framework with durable tapes. Next, place the other cardboard above the first one so that the album can now be protected. Fold all edges, also and seal all openings using the duct tape or durable tape.

Pick a method for delivery

The USPS or United States Postal Service is a good option for a regular manner of shipping packages, including record albums. This option may even be your most affordable way of delivering the LP. Just as economical is sending your album through media mail; that is, if time is of no concern. Media mail is low priced delivery offered by the US postal system for delivering tapes, DVDs, books, and record albums. The only problem with this option is that it can take a while before your album arrives at its destination. If you need the package to reach its recipient a lot quicker, you can send it via priority mail. Your record should be received by the addressee in a day or two. For an even faster service, bring your album to any FedEx (Federal Express) or UPS (United Postal Service) department. These couriers will ship your bundle in just about 24 hours. The downside is, this last option will obviously cost you a higher amount of cash.

Make sure you complete the address information together with your contact number and that of the addressee. This will allow the courier to contact you or the addressee in the instance that the postman is unable to locate the recipient.

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