3 Cheap Solutions to Laminate Papers

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3 methods you can cheaply laminate papers include the usage of laminating pouches, working with clear contact paper, and using adhesive tape.

Vital papers like certificates should be laminated to keep these things from getting torn or soiled. Laminating will also allow your files to look more professional. There are several inexpensive techniques that you can laminate your files. In this article, you will know a few of these affordable strategies.

Utilize laminating pouches

One cheap method that you can laminate is to apply laminating or adhesive back pouches. There are several sizes for these pouches that are so easy to open. These sizes include 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches and 8.5 inches by 11 inches. To make use of these, all you need to do is insert the file inside the pouch, close the pouch, apply a piece of cardboard over it, and set the plastic using an electric iron. Normally, you would need to use a hard and smooth surface area to get this done. You should also select the low setting of you electric iron. These small pouches are good for small documents like a business card, a picture, ID card, and also disability card, which you do not want to get damaged, spilled on, or even ruined easily. Just trim the extra laminating paper in accordance with the appropriate size using a sharp set of scissors. For larger files, the pouches are usually sold in packs. You can easily find these kinds of pouches in most office supply retailers.

Use transparent contact paper

Another inexpensive approach you can laminate a document is by utilizing transparent contact paper. This item can be found in rolls and can be purchased at retail super centers, office supply outlets, and discount retails stores. For an 18 inch by 3 yard roll, you could get this for approximately 3 dollars. Laminate your document using this clear plastic-type by first unrolling the contact paper with its protective paper side facing up. Next, lay the document you wish to laminate over the surface of the contact paper to act as a template. Then cut down a piece of the contact paper based on the suitable size for your file. You also need to cut another piece with similar size. Once you have 2 pieces of cut out contact paper with equal sizes, get the document you want to laminate and place it flat on the surface of the table. Get one piece of the contact paper, take away the protective cover, and place it above the document with the adhesive side facing down. Press the entire surface of the contact paper down to the document to discharge the air bubbles. And then, get the other cut out contact paper and take away the protective cover too. Turn the document around so that the side having the contact paper is towards the table, and the uncovered side is facing up. Put the second contact paper cut out the same way as the first one, and take away bubbles, also.

Use adhesive tape

A wide adhesive tape may also be used as an economical laminate for your documents. All you should do is cover your document with the adhesive tape. Be sure to do it carefully and allow about ¼ inch allowance of the tape to prolong above the edge of the paper. Place as many strips as needed to cover a large document on one side. Perform the same task on the other side, and then trim all over the edges of the document, as required to make your work tidy.

Make sure to work on a clean surface and with clean hands so your laminated documents will not have any stains or dirt on them.

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