Four Basic Methods in Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

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To be a helicopter pilot, you need to first complete the requirements. After that, you should then acquire the education and training. You also need to ensure your cash, and then prepare and pass the tests.

Flying a helicopter could be a very interesting dream for many individuals. Unfortunately, not only is studying to be a helicopter pilot too costly, but it also needs a great deal of commitment for the ground schooling and training. Here you will know the essential steps in becoming a helicopter pilot.

Complete the specifications

Before you can start with any of the steps in becoming a good helicopter pilot, there are particular requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration that you must complete. First of all, the FDA requires the applicant to be at least 17 years of age. One may, nevertheless, start having the helicopter training at the age of sixteen years of age, but the permit will not be issued until at least a year later. Aside from the age, a candidate must also be capable of reading, writing, understanding, and also communicating proficiently in English. To prove that you’re also physically fit to man an airplane, you may also need to subject yourself for a medical check-up by an FAA designated healthcare examiner. If you pass the medical exam, you will be given a third class healthcare certification, that will be valid for twenty-four months.

Acquire education and also training

You’ll also need to get the classroom schooling and the airline flight training in order for you to get closer to becoming a helicopter pilot. The class room training will train you about the basic procedures in flying a helicopter, while the flight training will develop your skills in flying the plane. You can attain and complete your education and training from several choices of flight schools, as well as from certified flight teachers. One thing you should remember is that it is vital that the school and teacher are FAA accredited. You must also log in at least forty hours for your flight education, with a minimum of 10 hours of solo flights. The flight coaching will involve flights across long distances, in the daytime and night, as well as in various climate conditions. All the flights you made will then be documented in your pilot logbook and then signed by your lecturer upon completion.

Ensure your money

Learning to become a helicopter pilot can be extremely expensive. You will have to pay for the rental of the plane and the fees of the teacher. For flights with an instructor, expect the costs to be about two hundred dollars per hour. For solo flights, you may have to pay in between 150 to 175 dollars per hour. While the amount will depend on the school and the model of the aircraft, you also need to learn that most schools will need additional more hours for coaching than the minimum 40 hours. And along with the books and training materials, expect to pay around 10,000 to 15,000 dollars simply to get the primary coaching.

Prepare and pass the tests

Once you’ve accomplished all the requirements, education, and also coaching, you will then need to get ready for the test so you can get your helicopter pilot license. Parts of the examination include a written test and a check ride. The written test assesses your understanding about flying a helicopter, while the check ride tells the amount of flying skills you have. You’ll be asked to do basic moves in flying, as well as show your capability to operate the airplane during emergency situations. Once you’ve passed the exams, you’ll then be awarded with your helicopter pilot permit.

As soon as you have your private helicopter pilot license, you then have the option to either stick to flying helicopters for private or personal purposes, or to advance in becoming a commercial helicopter pilot.

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