Five Basic Elements of Helicopter Flight Simulators

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You might have already heard about helicopter flight simulators. This post will help to determine them, provide the value, note the essential software and accessories, tell of the benefits, and differentiate the home and professional simulations.

Computer software has certainly become a lot more sophisticated. These days, one need not even spend a whole training inside a real helicopter cockpit due to the presence of helicopter flight simulator software. The program allows the student to develop his or her flying skills and even complete clock time while on ground. Here you will understand more about helicopter flight simulators.


Helicopter simulation is a recreation of manning a helicopter aircraft through computer software. It allows aspiring helicopter pilots to train and get the expertise of how flying the actual plane would feel like but outside the cockpit. The program brings about familiarization for the user concerning the aircraft’s altitude, the regional navigation, the hovering, and a lot of other abilities.


A crucial part of flight training occurs in the form of the helicopter lessons and airline flight simulations. Although helicopter flying simulations is typically not used in the standard courses for a private pilot helicopter license, it plays a huge role for the commercial pilot and the airline transport pilot permit. Due to the large amount of money involved in acquiring these permits, lots of students and even aviators with lower ratings are dissuaded from totally accomplishing their courses. To gain a CPL, for example, requires the student to log in no less than 250 hours of flight time; while for an ATPL, an individual must accumulate no less than 1,500 hours up in the air. And with 150 to 200 dollars each hour, the total amount for flight time alone can really be very dissuading for most students. This is where a helicopter flight simulation becomes helpful because it’s clearly considerably less pricey compared to flying a true airplane.

Software program and accessories

As a result of powerful computers and greatly enhanced simulation software, helicopter flight simulation is now within everyone’s reach. There is a large market for both the software and the accessories that will help to develop the feeling of being in a genuine seat. One can develop only a basic set up composed of pedals and a joystick as the collective, to a complete setting that closely resembles the inside of an actual and particular model of a helicopter cockpit.


Although nothing can beat the skills developed that one can acquire from a real training, helicopter flight simulations still offer several benefits to the users. For one thing, if something goes wrong with the training and simulated aircraft, no actual danger will happen to the pilot or anybody. Another is that dangerous situations can be manipulated, that greatly assists build the expertise of the pilot. One does not also need to have a real aircraft to learn flying simulations. Moreover, learning how to fly the plane through simulations is also less expensive as compared to paying for the operational fees of an actual aircraft. Even the weather conditions can be controlled for simulation coaching, so the pilot can fly in the daytime, the night, during a storm or fair weather conditions.

House and professional simulations

Both house and professional simulations can mimic flying maneuvers, radio telephony, ATC procedures, as well as navigation and others. The real difference between the two is that the expert simulations can also offer the physical sensations that an aviator would feel during a real flight. These sensations include feelings during small changes in the motion of the airplane and altitude, and the absence of side-line vision. Such sensations would not be around for a home flight simulation.

In case you plan to buy a house helicopter simulation for your training, it is vital that you verify its certification from the FAA. This way, your home trainings can be credited for your total flight time.

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