4 Academic Prerequisites to Become a Helicopter Pilot

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Attending ground school, obtaining student pilot training and permit, having a private pilot permit, as well as getting a commercial pilot license are the educational requirements to be a helicopter pilot.

Depending on the type of permit you need to acquire as a helicopter pilot, there are various levels that you should complete. Your first license can be acquired by being a student pilot and passing the examinations. But if you wish to reach higher in your profession as a helicopter pilot, further schooling and training need to be completed. Here you will know all the educational specifications of becoming a helicopter pilot.

Ground school

Individuals who wish for a profession as a helicopter pilot must first attend helicopter ground school. You can find several training schools by just browsing the web. There are lists for flight educational institutions that are FAA approved, along with those that are not. The website for the Federal Aviation Administration also gives a list of the names of schools that have their approval. Ground schooling, is the first portion of the education to become a helicopter pilot. This is a written program which trains the students about aviation and its theory. This training is essential for a person to take and pass the FAA written examination. Students can take their training at a helicopter school San Diego or other flight schools in their location, online, or through self-study with a book.

Student pilot education and license

One can begin training to be a student pilot at the age of 16 years old. A student can even fly the aircraft on his or her own and without a license provided that this is performed during the training. And as soon as the student wants to fly the helicopter solo, she or he should have a student pilot’s permit. There are numerous specifications to be able to obtain this certification. Apart from being at least 16 year of age, these kinds of requirements also include the capacity to read, write, and fluently talk the English language. A student should also get a medical certification from an FAA approved healthcare examiner. This will prove that the candidate is healthy enough to pilot the plane.

Private pilot permit

In case the student pilot really wants to move on to become a private pilot, he or she must already have reached 17 years old. Additionally, the requirement also requires a minimum of forty hours of flight period. 20 of these hours need to be attained with an instructor, and the other twenty without. The requirement for most students, however, is at least sixty five hours to pass the check ride or flight test. As portion of the training, the pilot should do takeoffs, landings, and flying of the airplane both during the day and at night.

Industrial pilot certification

As soon as you received a private pilot permit, you can then start preparing for an industrial helicopter pilot certificate, that’s more tough when compared to the training for private pilot license. However, you must also have already reached eighteen years old before applying for this higher license. To get a commercial helicopter pilot’s license, there are special trainings that you need to do. These special trainings include flying under non-normal conditions, like during times when visibility is poor. You are also required 150 hours of flight time, and a night and day time cross-country trip. In addition, you also need to complete 5 hours flight time at night including 10 takeoffs and landings.

Education and studying to become a helicopter pilot entails a huge amount of money. Thus, you need to form your plan thoroughly so you do not put your savings to waste.

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