Five Basic Steps to Check Your Document Shredder

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To examine your paper shredder, you need to first switch it off. Then, separate the shredding unit from its bin followed by emptying the bin. You must then oil the blades, and then return the bin.

In the constant combat against identity theft, it is essential that our document shredders stay effective. While we could just simply purchase a brand new shredder each time our old one slows down, this is obviously difficult or practical. We can prolong the life of the shredders by checking on them from time to time. This way, we can detect troubles right away before they become big. Here is how you may check on your document shredding unit.

Switch the shredder off

Before you begin doing anything to do shredder, you should first power it down and disconnect its cable from the outlet. This will make sure that you won’t accidentally switch the shredder on and risk cutting any portion of the body, or even any portion of the outfits you are using.

Separate the shredding unit from its bin

After you have disconnected the shredder from the electrical socket, the next thing which you will do now is to separate the shredder unit from the trash bin that it’s attached to. Some equipment, though, don’t have their own garbage bin and are just put on top of any normal trash can. If this is the case, then you can skip this phase. Or else, you should separate the 2 items from one another. Most tools can be easily separated from their trash bins. All you need to do is just lift the case up. Nevertheless, if you find that it seems to be more challenging than a simple lift, never try to force separating the 2 parts from one another. This may break or damage certain components of the document shredding equipment. Check the producer’s guidelines instead, or call the consumer service for your unit so that you can be led on how to securely take the case from trash bin.

Empty the bin

Once you have taken the case from its garbage bin, empty the bin and check out the shredder blades. If there is a clogged whole piece of paper, pull this out with your bare hands. Remove other huge pieces of paper which you can still see in the same way. For smaller parts that are just very challenging to be taken from the rotor blades, use a tweezer to pick each piece off. You can also dig any remaining crammed pieces of paper utilizing the tip of a pencil to take them out, as well. Never use any metallic object to dig through the cutting parts of the machine because this can damage the edges of the blades. Continue cleaning the blades until there is no piece of paper left behind.

Oil the blades

Oiling the blades is a vital task that should be done regularly. Usually, paper gets jammed due to insufficient amount of oil in the equipment. Thus, oiling the blades will allow the system to maintain its efficiency. If you utilize the shredder heavily, the general rule is to oil it every week; but if it is just subjected to light usage, then apply oil in it just every few weeks or so. You may also check out the specific instructions of its user manual regarding how often you need to apply oil. To apply the oil, there are 2 approaches to do it. The first one is to place a ribbon of oil from one area of the internal surface of the blade to the other. The other way is to make diagonal lines of the oil on a piece of paper and feed it to the shredder. Certainly, you will need to turn the machine on so you can run the oiled paper into the shredder and oil its blades.

Return the bin

As soon as your equipment is running efficiently again, you can then return it on top of its garbage can.

When oiling the shredder, don’t overdo it. Just apply enough amounts that will lubricate the blades.

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