6 Basic Steps in Fixing a Broken Paper Shredder

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If you want to repair your broken document shredder, you should first disconnect the equipment, followed by checking to determine how the case is attached. You must then remove the case and check the gears, and also ensure the accessibility to the broken components. And then, short out the motor phasing capacitor. And finally, replace flawed circuit boards and switches.

Just like any other piece of electronics, document shredders can break down over time after many uses. If your machine is still insured by warranty, then you must not attempt to repair it yourself for fear that you can void that warranty. Bring it quickly to its service center and let the industry experts handle it. Otherwise, if you are really bent on fixing it in the hopes that you might save money from buying a new one, then you should check out this article. Here you will know the basic steps in repairing a broken document shredder.

Detach the device

Before you start repairing your paper shredding device, it’s very important that you turn it off and unplug its cord from the wall socket. This is crucial to avoid unintentionally turning your machine on and injuring yourself particularly while your fingers are inside the mechanism. Even though you’re certain that the unit is no longer working, it can still possibly hurt you if you aren’t careful enough to switch it off.

Examine to find out how the case is connected

The next action you must do after switching off the appliance is to determine how its case is attached. If it’s welded sonically in place, then this could be a serious problem for you. Eliminating it won’t just be difficult to do, but it might also be impossible to put it back appropriately. In fact, it may not even be possible to take out a sonically welded case at all.

Remove the case and check the gears

In case you are lucky to have a shredder with a case that’s not sonically welded, then carefully remove this case to expose the elements that are inside the device. Have a look at the different parts, particularly the gears. Typically, document shredders breakdown or stop to work because of broken gears.

Ensure the availability of the damaged parts

Before you start removing any section of the machine or disassembling it, you need to ensure that you already have the replacement piece. You can test looking in paper shredder shops, or even office supplies stores for the replacement of the broken part. If these stores do not have the particular item on stock, try to get it specially ordered, or you can also request tips on where it may be found. Alternatively, you can even order it online and have it shipped to your street address. There are various online companies that can send you replacement components for your paper shredder.

Short out the motor phasing capacitor

After you have removed the case, find the motor phasing capacitor. This would look much like a metal cylinder, and which holds an electrical charge. You must short out the two terminals of this object prior to removing and replacing any component of the paper shredding device. Get an old screw driver and utilize it to do this job. You must also pay special attention to the arc.

Replace faulty circuit boards and switches

You need to then replace defective circuit boards and switches with a set although only one is possibly causing the issue. If your document shredder appears to run only in reverse and not forward, a set is the most handy way in replacing a damaged part. Even if there is enough quantity of power, the motor will never function well if the security switch, indicator switch, and circuit board are faulty.

If ever your paper shredder is sonically welded, consider just changing it with a brand new one. This might be more cost effective for you.

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