5 Common Guidelines in Lubricating Your Document Shredder

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Lubricating your paper shredder starts by turning the shredder off, then cleaning up the blades, and then acquiring the oil. You can then oil the blades, and take off the excess oil.

Paper shredders are very helpful machines in safeguarding our information from identity fraud. Nevertheless, their mechanism, gears, as well as blades should be lubricated on a regular basis in order for them to remain efficient. In this article you’ll know the basic steps in lubricating your document shredder.

Switch the shredder off

Before starting doing anything to the document shredding unit, the the very first thing you must do is to turn the gadget off and unplug its cable from the electrical socket. It is because, apart from oiling the shredder, you will also be cleaning its cutting cylinders from jammed pieces of papers. And while you have your fingers tinkering into the mechanism and blades of the unit, the last thing which you’d like to happen is to unintentionally turn on the machine and risk cutting a part or parts of your body.

Clean the blades

Remove the jammed pieces of document that you may find simply by pulling them away with your bare hands. For the finer pieces which are left behind, have a pair of tweezers and use this to get rid of the small bits of document from the blades. In case there are pieces of paper which are stuck and difficult to remove with your bare hands, use the tip of a regular pencil to find the document. Don’t use a metallic item to perform this so that you will not harm any part of the blades.

Acquire the oil

There are 2 types of shredder oil that you can choose from. They are the liquid and the aerosol type. In case you are unsure which one to obtain, ask assistance from the attendant so that you can pay for the right one.

Oil the blades

When you got the blades free from any bits of paper, you can now start applying oil on them. There are 2 methods to lubricate the blades with oil. The first method is to apply the lubricating oil directly unto the blades. Have the bottle of oil, turn it upside down and squirt oil from one side of the blade to another. Oil the paper opening of the device too. After the oil has been used, turn the machine on and run it on forward for a couple of minutes, and then backwards. This will ensure that the oil is distributed all over the cutting cylinders. The other approach in oiling a document shredder is by feeding it with a sheet of paper which has been oiled. To do this, just squirt or spray oil unto the papers in a zigzag pattern. This will enable the paper to be covered properly with oil and thus ensure that the blades that will cut through the document will also be oiled. Even though you need to oil the entire paper, you do not need to utilize too much to the point that it will soak the paper. Clearly, you have to switch the machine on during this phase so that the paper can be fed into the unit. Run the machine in forward for some minutes and then backward, too to fully saturate the blades with the oil

Take away excess oil

Have a few pieces of paper and feed these into the equipment to take out the excess oil. Depending on the quantity of oil which was utilized, you may need to shred two to three pieces of document before excess oil can be taken away.

Regardless of how heavy or light you use the paper shredder, it is necessary that you oil it appropriately. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the frequency of lubricating the machine.

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