Four Witty Recommendations for a 60th Birthday Present

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Childhood toys, bottle of retro goodies, old fashioned music, and also over-the-hill objects are humorous gift tips for a 60th birthday celebration.

Turning 60 is generally connected with a lot of dread. You can turn that emotion around by providing the birthday celebrant with funny gift items which will make him or her laugh and realize that turning sixty or getting old is not as bad as it seems. Here you will know some great witty suggestions for somebody who’s about to celebrate six decades of life.

Childhood playthings

Aid the sixty years old birthday guest of honor bring out the kid in him or her by giving playthings which were popular about six decades ago. In the 1950’s some of the playthings which came out involve Hula Hoop, Pick Up sticks, Play-Doh, Slinky as well as Mr Potato Head. Barbie Dolls, Betsy Wetsy, and Chatty Cathy all made their debuts during that same decade, too. During the 60’s, kids saw the very first time Hot Wheels, G.I. Joe, Etch a Sketch, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots as well as Easy Bake Oven. If the birthday boy or girl had a difficult childhood that kept her or him from having a doll house, a train set, as well as other specific type of plaything, now is surely the best time to let this special individual have the plaything.

Container of retro sweets

Another one of the wittiest 60th birthday ideas that you can use would be to give the bday girl or boy a jar of retro sweets. There are clearly so many to select from like Bazooka Bubble Gum, Razzles, Atomic Fireballs, Bit-O-Honey, Dad’s Root Beer Barrels, Slap Stick Sucker, and also Hot Tamales. This kind of gift idea will be great for someone who has a big sweet tooth. And you can order these types of candies online or quickly find them in specialty local candy stores. As the birthday celebrant munches on these treats, it would surely bring back wonderful memories of his or her childhood days.

Traditional music

In case the sexagenarian has great passion for music, then giving her or him selection of songs that were popular during the bday celebrant’s teenage life would be really fun. Give someone who was a disco queen 45 years ago with albums by Abba, Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summers as well as the Village People. If the birthday boy was oftentimes caught in the coffee house scene and listening to nothing else but folk songs, then you could give this special person in your life with albums by Steve Forbert, Bob Dylan, Don McLean, and James Yorkston. There are obviously numerous songs and albums to select from. Thus narrow your choices by selecting only the top ones that are in the favorite music genre of the birthday celebrant. A few of the top albums in the 60’s involve Revolver and Abbey Road by The Beatles, Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan, and also Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones.

Over the hill objects

Create a homemade over the hill gag gift for the birthday celebrant. One of the things you can give is a seven day pillbox wherein every compartment is loaded with one particular color of m&m’s sweets. Attach a prescription outside the box like blue pill for depression, or brown pill for chocolate urges. You can also make a bouquet of sixty lollipops with a note that says “60 Sucks!”

Just like any other birthday gift, choose one that you know will definitely be appreciated by taking into consideration the personality of the gift recipient.

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