5 Effective Techniques in Decorating 65th Birthday Party Picnic Tables

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Using a color scheme, applying table linens, creating a balloon bouquet with the number 65, integrating images of the celebrant, and exhibiting significant memorabilia are useful methods to embellish the picnic tables for a 65th birthday party.

65th birthday events need not always have to be held with lavish celebrations. They can just be as unforgettable with a picnic gathering of friends and family. To help make the celebration really remarkable, you must add fun and memories in decorating the picnic tables. In this article you will know some important strategies in decorating 65th birthday celebration picnic tables.

Use a color scheme

Use the color scheme for the party. Usually, a 65th birthday is associated with vibrant colors such as pink, green, orange, as well as blue. While it’s a personal choice on how colorful you want the picnic tables to be, it is best to stay with just one or two different colors. You can also include the color white or other neutral color in your choice of color scheme.

Apply tablecloths

Pick tablecloths that match your selected color scheme and use them. You can use fabrics in solid colors or plastic table linens with the “Happy Birthday!” message written all over them. You can then securely keep them in place with table clips. These table clips are also available in numerous colors and you can either pick a shade that will match with the tablecloth so they will just blend or those which would contrast for a more colourful idea. As an alternative to these table clips, you can just attach double sided tapes around the table side of the cloths so they’ll stick on top of the table.

Create a balloon bouquet with the number 65

Make the number 65 an integral part of your table decorations, perhaps together with the one with the 65th birthday gifts. Have around six or eight helium balloons and arrange them to make a balloon bouquet. Utilize your selected color scheme for the shade of the balloons. Then, add a big Mylar balloon with the imprinted message “Happy 65th Birthday!” at the center and above the other balloons. You can even hang curled ribbons below the balloons matching various colors. Once you’ve designed your balloon bouquet, weigh it down with a lovely balloon weight. To produce your balloon weight, fill a rattan basket with numerous types of treats. Then, simply tie the string of the balloons on the handle of the basket and place your balloon bouquet at the center of the table.

Include photographs of the celebrant

Put on the tables framed photographs of the honoree. Select the favorite pictures of the person and also other major moments that can highlight her or his colourful life. Have one picture on each table to prevent clutter. You can also have many photographs printed on one large picture paper. These photographs of the celebrant will allow the guests who have known him for a long time to enjoy reminiscing about the younger years of the person. Meanwhile it’ll also give the recent friends and colleagues an idea of how this individual looked back then.

Display important memorabilia

Old pictures of well known events, objects, and other memorabilia to the life that the person grew up in can also be shown on the tables. For example, you can have the image of a well known actor or music group from the decade of his or her birth, or psychedelic art, which was a hit in the 1960’s. These table decors alone will certainly tell a bit of the colorful story of the celebrant’s life to the visitors.

Be sure to scatter around disposable cameras, as well for the guests to use and take pictures of the event from their vantage points.

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