3 Passionate Birthday Ideas for 2

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Three passionate birthday ideas for you and the person you love include picnic under the stars, homemade dinner by candle light, and having a 2nd first date.

Regardless of how long a couple has been with one another, romance will continue to burn and keep the relationship strong when both parties continue to find solutions to make it so. Thus, on your loved one’s birthday celebration, make him or her feel so loved by planning for a very romantic occasion for the two of you. Check out this article to learn some excellent ideas for a really romantic birthday with your sweetheart.

Have a picnic under the stars

One of the most passionate birthday ideas you can probably produce is a picnic in a starry night. If the weather permits, then you should go for this idea. You just need to to plan some things on what to take and how to make the occasion truly romantic. Because it’s a birthday, be sure you prepare or purchase the cake in advance along with the sweet message you might want written on it. Pick up the cake on the day you will have the picnic or a couple of hours before heading to the picnic area. You can have the picnic right in your own yard or any vacant grassy lot. Bring foods which are easy to consume such as mini sandwiches, fresh fruits, and chocolate bars. You need to also bring wine or your favorite refreshment along with glasses, fork, knife, as well as napkins. Place these items inside the basket along with a blanket to sit on and another one to stay cozy in. You can even bring a few throw pillows to sit on. Up the romance stage by having lighted candles which are set inside jars around the picnic blanket and maybe balloons, too, that are tied down with weights.

Home made dinner by candle light

If you’re a great cook, then you must not deprive your spouse with your kitchen skill during her or his bday. Cook your loved one’s favorite dishes, even though they don’t always match well. You may also serve the same kinds of foods which you’d on your very first date, if possible. Make the dinner a lot more romantic by spreading red rose petals all over the table, placing a bucket full of ice and a bottle of wine inside, having significant songs and music played by your mp3 music player, and lighting a few scented candles around the room. Switch bright lights with dimmers to produce a romantic lighting, or switch it off altogether if the light from the candles will create the best mood and visibility. And then, don’t forget to serve strawberries dipped in dark chocolate for dessert.

Have a 2nd first date

For most married couples, the first date was the most memorable one since it made a lasting relationship between the 2 individuals. Whether your first date was the greatest one or not amongst your dates, recreating it is nothing less than romantic. You do not even have to have all the details recreated, but just some of them. For instance, you can wear similar clothes and same fragrance. If you can no longer remember, find, or fit in to what you used during that date, you can at least find and wear something the same or associated with it. If you brought red roses for that date, then you must also do the same thing this time, or whatever it is that you brought with you on that day. Do the same things you did during your first date, such as bowling or films. Eat at the same restaurant, too, or at least buy the same foods if you and your darling no longer have access to that particular food business.

Be sure to prepare for your romantic birthday in advance to make it perfect.

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