Three Natural and Organic Beauty Products Used by Indian Ladies

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Organic beauty solutions applied by Indian women include amla oil, amla powder, as well as sandalwood oil.

When it comes to beautiful skin and hair, one of the very first ethnic groups that would generally come to mind is Indian. It is because Indian ladies do not only use natural products for their particular beauty regimen, but they also fully understand which ones to apply. Here you will know a few of the natural things that Indian women apply for their hair and skin.

Amla oil

In India, ladies apply amla oil to nourish their particular hair and make it stronger. The fruit from which the amla oil is taken from is full of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C that helps provide shine to the hair and manageability. Before you go to rest at night, massage approximately one half cup amla oil on your dry hair for approximately twenty minutes. Let the roots of your hair absorb the oil, and spread the oil on your entire hair as well by running your fingers through your hair from the roots to the tips. After that, put on a plastic shower cap over your head to shield your pillow case from getting in contact with the oil in your hair. And then the following day, rinse your hair with your typical hair shampoo and conditioner and rinse thoroughly using cool water. Do this process once every week so you can get the entire benefits of this oil. Amla oil can be bought in Indian retailers, drug stores and over the internet. You may also click here for other sources.

Amla powder

Just like amla oil, Indian women also utilize amla powder for their beauty regimen. Instead of being applied for the hair, though, amla powder is used on the skin. The vitamin c in the powder is beneficial in boosting the condition, look, and also texture of the skin. Apart from using amla for the skin and hair, the women in India also eat the fruit so they can nourish their own bodies from within, as well. In a bowl with 6 tablespoons water, blend in four tablespoons of amla powder. Mix the powder and water very well until you produce a pasty consistency. Once that is acquired, apply the paste mask on your freshly-washed face and let the amazing benefits of the mask be soaked up by your skin for around 20 minutes before rinsing it off using warm water and gentle skin cleanser.

Sandalwood oil

Indian ladies are also fond of embracing sandalwood oil when healing skin blemishes like acne, as well as rejuvenating the health and beauty of their skin. It is because; sandalwood oil consists of natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. To utilize this oil for an acne problem, first, clean the skin and apply a small amount of the oil on your acne. After that, massage the oil on your acne in a spherical pattern and leave it in place the whole night. Do this procedure daily until the acne spots of your skin are all cured. Aside from applying sandalwood for the skin, this oil is also used by Indian ladies to make their hair healthy and gorgeous. Before you go to bed, put around 8 to 10 drops of the oil onto the bristles of your brush. Then, utilize the brush on your hair for approximately 5 minutes. After that, you will notice the shine that your hair has now attained. Leave the oil in the hair overnight and clean your hair the following day using shampoo and conditioner. You can utilize this oil on your hair several times in one week.

If you have skin problems, it is best to consult a doctor before applying any herbal element on your skin.

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