Six Basic Methods for Hot Oil Therapy on Natural Hair

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Methods for hot oil treatment on natural hair include heating the oil, transporting the oil to a container, looking at the temperature of the oil, untangling the hair, applying the oil, and rinsing the hair.

Occasionally, most people experience dry hair problems. Hair dryness can be due to various components including perming, coloring, over-exposure to the sunlight, and even frequent washing. Thus, to cure hair dryness, you need to provide your hair a hot oil treatment. Here you will know a simple way on how to give your natural hair with hot oil treatment.

Heat the oil

The first thing you must do is to prepare half a cup or extra virgin olive oil and put it inside a saucepan. While you can utilize regular olive oil, the extra virgin olive oil will maximize your hot oil conditioning therapy because this oil is the type of olive oil which has gone through the least processes and thus contains most of its vitamins and minerals. You may also incorporate into your regular hot oil therapy with essential oils that will treat other specific hair and scalp issues you might have. For example, tea tree oil to enhance hair regrowth and dandruff-free hair scalp. You may click here to find all the details for the various types of treatments. Heat your olive oil over low setting for a couple of minutes or just until your oil begins to bubble. Take the oil from the heat and allow it to cool down for around three minutes.

Transport the oil to a container

Have a thoroughly clean plastic applicator jar that has a pointed tip and put the oil inside the bottle. Use a funnel when transferring the oil to the jar so it would be easy to do this without spilling any amount of oil. And once the jar is filled, put its cap on and be sure that it is securely sealed in place.

Check the temperature of the oil

Prior to starting applying the oil on the scalp and hair, check its temperature by squeezing a modest amount of the oil unto your skin on the inside of your arm. If it is still hot, give it another few minutes before examining again. Do not use the oil until it is comfortably warm to touch.

Untangle your hair

While waiting for the oil to chill down to the right warmth, comb your hair to straighten them and take away any tangles. Utilize a wide toothed comb and begin combing the hair from the tips going to the roots. A well-combed hair will also allow a good coverage of the oil during the treatment.

Utilize the oil

Beginning from the front end of where you separated the hair, point the applicator tip and squeeze the oil to the rear of the nape of the neck. Then, rub and massage the hair scalp using the pads of your fingertips to spread the oil to the sides. Next, make another parting of your hair close to the first one towards either the right or left side and use the oil in the same manner. Complete one section before you go to the other side, which you should also completely apply with oil to ensure that the entire scalp is covered and massaged with the oil. Once you’re done, apply the remaining oil on the strands of your hair, especially the tips, and protect the hair using plastic-type shower cap.

Rinse your hair

After approximately 2 hours, take away the shower cap and rinse your hair using warm water and regular hair shampoo. Keep from using any type of hair conditioner in the next one day so you’ll not be over conditioning the hair.

Never use hot water on your scalp and hair because this can exacerbate hair dryness.

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