Some Simple Procedures in Developing a Wood Shed Made of Cedar Trees

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Simple steps in making a wood shed made of cedar trees involve cutting the trees and getting the logs, finding and preparing the ideal location, making notches on the 5 foot logs, creating notches on the short logs, setting the logs, and developing the roof.

Wood sheds are simple structures for housing and securing your fire wood against rain as well as robbers. If you have a plentiful supply of cedar trees in your location, you can easily develop a wood shed out of these trees. Here you will know the easy methods in developing one.

Cut the trees and get the logs

By using a chainsaw, cut 4 trees down. Then cut three of them into five feet long logs, and the last tree into 1 ½ feet long logs. Utilize an axe to take out any branch that could be protruding from the logs, as well as to take out the bark of the logs. As opposed to the materials which are given in wooden shed kits, you’ll need to completely prepare and smooth out the logs that you’ll utilize for your shed.

Find and get ready the appropriate location

Choose a place in your house that’s appropriate for the placement of the shed. This area should have a level ground. As soon as you locate one, dig a trench. It should be five feet long on all of the four sides (of the squared trench), and four inches deep. Once the trench has been made, fill it with cinder blocks with their long and narrow sides facing down on the ground. Then cover areas of it that are loose so you can build a solid base.

Make notches on the 5 foot logs

On all the five-foot logs, develop two notches on each up and bottom part ends. These notches should be 6 inches in length each and 4 inches deep. Make use of your axe to build these notches, but if you find it difficult to produce a precise notch, you can also try utilizing the power saw. Form the notches in a way that you also create a flat edge on each one at the end of every single log. If you are done, all your five-foot logs must have 4 notches on each end wherein 2 are situated at the top and the other two are at the base.

Develop notches on the short logs

Once you are done with the long logs, select 2 short logs and develop two notches on one end of the logs and on 1 side only with the same measurements as the previous notches you produced. After that, make notches on the top and base sides of 1 end of the remaining short logs.

Position the logs

Get one of the short logs which only have two notches and set this on the front side of the shed. Position it so the end where the notches are located is at the front-side corner. Get the other similar short log and position it on the reverse end of the front side of the shed with its notches facing upwards and located at the front-left corner. After that, get one of the long logs and set it at the rear part of the shed with its notches facing up. Then, put another long on the right side and with its bottom notches overlapping the upper notches of the back and front logs. Position another long log on the left side just as as the right side log. Continue adding more logs until the height attains 5 feet.

Create the roof

Once your logs have reached five feet, add one long log over the short logs on the front area of the shed. Then cover up this using your roofing materials and secure it in place with nails.

The extra piece of log on the front side of the shed will form a rearward roof, which will allow rain water to drain easily from the roof.

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