Seven Smart Tips on Maintaining Long, Natural Nails

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To maintain long, natural nails and keep them healthy and strong, keep the nails clean, moisturize the nails on a regular basis, apply nail hardener on your long nails, do not use your nails as tools, consume foods abundant in biotin and other required minerals and vitamins, treat long, brittle nails with nail creams or oils, and keep the shape of your nails by filing them in only one direction.

Long nails are fashionable and elegant to look at but can be difficult to maintain. They easily get lifted or broken, and they definitely need extra care compared to short nails. The following are some smart tips to help maintain those long, natural nails:

Keep the nails clean

To keep your long nails healthy, be sure to wash both hands and feet using mild soap on a regular basis. Dirt which accumulates underneath the nails can infect your nails and cause them to break easily. Select a soap which isn’t harsh enough to cause brittle nails.

Hydrate your nails on a regular basis

Whether short or long, nails need to be hydrated. To maintain the health of your nails, moisturize them at least twice a day and after every prolonged exposure to water because this may cause weak nails. Focus on the cuticles. You can utilize a regular hand cream, E Vitamin oil, or perhaps a special nail moisturizer. Click here to find out more nail lotion ideas.

Utilize nail hardener on your long nails

Since long nails are more prone to breakage, apply some nail hardener on them. Nail hardeners help thicken and firm up your nails, thus protecting them from simply splitting and cracking off. You can even put nail polish to aid shield your long nails. Be sure to eliminate nail polish at least after a week of use to avoid discoloring and infecting your own nails. Apply non-acetone polish removers, that are gentler for your long nails.

Don’t use your nails as tools

Long, chipped-off nails are so unpleasant to look at. To keep them in excellent condition, avoid using them as tools. Avoid using them to open covers. If you want to wash dishes, do the laundry, and do other duties at home, make sure you use rubber gloves. Gloves also help protect your nails, as well as your skin, from harmful chemical compounds in soaps and other cleaning agents.

Eat foods full of biotin and other required minerals and vitamins

Biotin nourishes fingernails or toenails and keep them strong and healthy. Foods abundant with biotin include carrots, walnuts, almonds, chicken eggs, berries and fruits, onions, and cucumbers. You may also take biotin dietary supplements for daily nourishment. Foods full of vitamins A, C, E and B complex, as well as those abundant with calcium, iron, zinc, and niacin, also help in keeping the long nails fit and strong.

Treat long, fragile nails utilizing nail creams or oils

If you’ve weak nails, but you would like to keep them long, care to cure them with nail creams or natural oils which have e vitamin, Shea butter, olive oil, or avocado oil that all keep your nails healthier. Along with these nail lotions and oil, get plenty of fluids to keep the nails moisturized and healthy.

Keep the appearance of your nails by filing them in just one direction

Filing your nails in one direction to maintain their attractive shape helps avoid splitting and chipping off your nails. Do not use metal boards to file them as they tend to crack nails more.

Caring for your long, natural nails can be quite difficult, but the style and neatness they bring you make it all worth the cost. As long as you know how to take care of your nails, they’ll always remain healthy and strong. They will always stay great on you.

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