5 Important Suggestions to Plan an Affordable 75th Birthday Celebration

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Useful tips to organize an inexpensive 75th birthday celebration include having a potluck party, having a slide show program, securing the music, choosing the party site, and adorning the venue.

75 years is a major milestone in any individual’s life. Thus, it’s only right to commemorate the memorable occasion with a party with close friends and loved ones. The party does not even need to cost so much. With innovative ideas, you could come up with a celebration that’s as fantastic as any expensive event. Here are guidelines to do it.

Have a pot luck celebration

Send party invitations to buddies, members of the family and loved ones of the bday celebrant. Place into the card the saying “Come rejoice with Tom’s 75th Birthday with food, beverages, and lots of enjoyment and laughter!” There are various dollar stores selling packs of very inexpensive invitation cards. Sometimes, store-bought invitation cards are cheaper compared to printing cards on your personal computer. Purchase as many as you require, and note inside the card that the party will be a pot luck. A pot luck event will cost little amount of money since all the visitors will contribute a dish. Furthermore, this kind of party gives visitors with a wide selection of food choices.

Have a slideshow program

One of the perfect 75th Birthday Ideas to integrate in the celebration is a slide show program exhibiting the guest of honor’s photos in the last 75 years. Organize this program beforehand by collecting 75 pictures of the birthday celebrant. You can download and use one of the numerous free slideshow programs from the internet to play the pictures of the birthday celebrant.

Secure the music

Ask the birthday celebrant’s good friends and members of the family to take a few of the celebrant’s favourite music during her or his teenage years at the party. This will not cost any amount of cash because the music album would most likely still be available in the houses of the bday celebrant’s friends and members of the family.

Select the party venue

You need to choose a venue for the occasion. You can perfectly just have it in your house, but, if that is not possible, you may ask one of the bday celebrant’s family and friends if they are ready to hold the party at their place. If you have to rent an area, choose cheap venues, like the community hall or chapel hall. In case the bday celebrant is a resident in a senior center, you can even try to hold the party at the center.

Enhance the venue

Hang and put decorations at the venue, like balloons with “Happy 75th Birthday!” signs. You could get these at dollar stores, as well as other needed materials. Apply a “75” theme to the decorations by having seventy five balloons or 75 banners hanging on the ceiling. You can also have seventy five small candle lights placed inside small drawstring bags for event favors. If you wish to have a table centerpiece, you can use flowers and greenery from your own backyard garden and put them in flower vases or mason jars.

Hold the party during the day when the birthday celebrant has the most energy to fully enjoy his birthday party.

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