Two Efficient Ways to Condition Hair Naturally

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Strategies to condition hair naturally include creating and utilizing your own home made hair conditioner and having a hot oil therapy.

Having glossy and beautiful hair requires effort. Although there are many commercial hair conditioning items available in the market, it is still best to choose natural ones because they’re more efficient and much safer for the hair and skin. Listed below are ways to condition your hair naturally.

Make and apply your personal home made hair conditioner

* Get ready the mayonnaise

Have a clean bowl and fill it with mayonnaise. Make sure that it’s adequate for your hair by looking at your hair’s size. In case the length of your hair is up to your shoulders, you will need approximately half a cup of mayonnaise. Additionally, apply only real mayonnaise and not the one used for salad dressing as the former has the ideal acidic content that will help remove harmful particles and product build up from your hair.

* Include banana to the mayonnaise

Get a ripe banana, cut it in two and then mash the fruit properly. Once the banana is fully crushed, include it into the bowl of mayonnaise. Aside from utilizing banana, you may also utilize avocado, mango, cantaloupe or squash. These fruits are the key ingredients of your homemade hair conditioner, and they tremendously contribute to making the hair soft basically because they have natural oils that can soften the hair.

* Add vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is an important ingredient in making your hair shiny. Add and blend a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the mayo and fruit combination. The oil will help tame flyaways and also help prevent split ends.

* Use baking soda

Baking soda would absorb pollutants and dirt from your hair; thus, this ingredient provides an additional property to your hair conditioner.

* Put vinegar

Putting vinegar will also aid get rid of residues from your hair. However, be sure you dilute it first prior to adding it to your hair conditioner since it can damage the hair shaft overtime because of its high acidic content. In addition, utilize this only once every week.

* Use your home made hair conditioner

Blend all the ingredients thoroughly and apply the mixture onto your hair. To get good results, massage the mixture onto your hair scalp until you create a lather. After that, work towards your hair, and leave the conditioner for approximately twenty minutes before rinsing it off using cool water.

Use a hot oil therapy

A hot oil treatment is another natural way to condition the hair, and it’s also very easy to do. All you need to do is to prepare your own oil and put it on directly on your hair. There are lots of natural oils for this hair treatment, such as essential olive oil, vegetable oil, and also argan oil for skin and hair. Just warm the oil a bit by placing it inside a plastic baggie and letting it sit inside a cup of hot water. Once the oil is already warm, move it into a normal size bowl. Then, utilize the oil on your hair using your hands. Ensure that the oil is not too hot, so you won’t burn your own skin. You can use the oil beginning from the top of the hair towards the tips.

Utilize extreme precaution when heating up the oil. It is also advisable to use the conditioning treatment every one to two weeks.

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