Three Helpful Home Remedies for Eliminating Leg Scars

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Effective natural home remedies for eliminating leg scars include applying e vitamin oil, utilizing cocoa butter and rubbing fresh lemon juice.

Scars result after an injury to the skin, which can happen to any part of the body. Due to genetics, some people scar only a little, while others scar really bad even with just a minimal skin injury. There are also those who do not show any signs of scaring at all. Scars are often very unsightly that they sometimes affect the self-confidence of a person. To take out scars on the legs, the following are natural home remedies you can try:

Apply vitamin E oil

Although there’s no medical report on the effectiveness of vitamin E in taking away scars, there are, however, many click here websites and historical evidence that showed otherwise. In fact, there are many physicians who utilize this vitamin to treat scar tissues of their patients. One of these doctors is Dr. Joel Studin, a cosmetic surgeon. He mentioned in his article called “Scarring” that vitamin e has the ability to stop scar tissues from developing by disintegrating collagen fibers which are accountable for the formation of scars. Vitamin E comes in liquid form and gel capsule forms, and it’s also a vital component in several creams and lotions. The concentration degree of e vitamin also differs from 30 IU up to 70,000 IU. According to experts, if you use a higher concentration of e vitamin on your skin, the quicker your ideal result will happen. Use vitamin E oil, lotion or creams on the scar tissue twice daily for several weeks or months. The duration of time you’ll see significant results, however, differs, based on the size and severity of your scar.

Use cocoa butter

One popular method of eliminating scars is the use of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is a natural solution derived from the fat of cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is a highly popular treatment for stretch marks, which takes place when the middle layer of the skin is wounded, like during extreme weight gain or pregnancy. During pregnancy, the belly area acquires these marks. During weight gain or body building, an individual will obtain stretch marks around the legs. Most individuals who utilize cocoa butter have said that this specific natural product is also great at eliminating other skin imperfections, including scars. You will easily find cocoa butter in drug stores, and they are normally affordable. To apply cocoa butter, all you should do is to rub some quantity of it directly on the scar tissues of the legs two times a day for several months or until you notice the scars already disappeared.

Rub lemon juice

Fresh lemon juice has potent bleaching attributes because of its citric acid content. Thus, it is very effective in lightening scars, that will make them less obvious. All you need to do is to soak a cotton ball with lemon juice and rub it directly on your scars. Do this procedure two times a day. You may also use fresh lemon juice along with vitamin e oil and cocoa butter to boost the effects.

It is also important to protect your skin from the sun in order to speed up any treatment you are using.

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