Some Vital Things to Learn About Oils That Promote Hair Growth

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Vital things to learn about oils that promote hair growth include usage history, examples of hair growth oils, and oil stores.

Since the start of time, men and women all over the world have been turning to natural oils to improve the growth and also thickness of their hair, as well as to make it beautiful. Most of these oils are obtained from plants, while others came from animal sources. Although you can find countless claims on these oils’ usefulness in promoting hair growth, researchers are still trying to analyze the truthfulness behind it. Here are important things to know about oils that promote hair growth:

Usage history

Before, it was a common belief amongst numerous groups of men and women that oil has an effect on growing hair. For example, castor oil was utilized by ancient Egyptians to stimulate hair growth, with the combination of another kind of oil, like almond oil. As reported by the Ayurvedic tradition, a 4,000-year-old Indian healing method, individuals in India utilized coconut oil and amla oil for hair growth. Olive oil was applied by ancient Africans; and, during the Victorian periods, they utilized rosemary oil. These kinds of oils are still used nowadays to help encourage hair regrowth.

Examples of hair growth essential oils

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil can be used to stimulate follicles of hair to encourage hair regrowth. Massage rosemary essential oil on your scalp, so you’ll stop shedding hair or avoid this from happening. This kind of oil also adds strength to the strands of the hair, and it also keeps the hair from graying too early.

Castor oil

Ancient Egyptians weren’t the only ones who used castor oil. Herodotus and other Greek travelers also utilized the same oil to improve the growth of their hair and its texture. At present, castor oil is an integral element in many hair products, although scientists are still studying its use in relation to hair regrowth.

Amla oil

Amla oil is taken from dried Indian gooseberries or amla berries, and it’s utilized in India’s Ayurvedic medicine. Amla oil features a similar appearance as that of flaxseed or linseed oil. Amla oil also has several benefits for the hair, like preventing dandruff, shedding and premature graying; promoting hair growth; adding strength to the hair; and, keeping split ends from happening.

Coconut essential oil

In India, coconut oil is considered a healthy anti-oxidant, and it’s mainly used for the skin and hair. Coconut oil, the same as amla oil, is also used in different kinds of Ayurvedic therapies. Massage your hair scalp with coconut oil before going to bed at night to stop hairloss and to keep hair from turning gray too early.

Oil stores

Purchase hair solutions which contain amla oil from Indian grocery stores, Asian markets, and from the internet. Castor oil, that is often available in natural form, can be found in groceries, drug stores, natural health food stores, and also from the internet. Rosemary oil and organic virgin coconut oil can be bought in health food shops and online. You can also click here to get and buy your needed oil.

If you have an existing medical problem, you need to consult your medical professional first before applying any medicinal oil. This is because some oils could interact with your medications.

To learn more about essential oils which enhance hair growth, click here

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