Six Basic Steps to Make a Foundation Oil Diffuser

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Tips to make a base oil diffuser include buying a container, acquiring the reeds, choosing a base oil, selecting fragrance oils, combining the oils, and soaking the reeds.

No matter how clean your house may be; clean, fragrant air makes it cleaner and more welcoming. Hence, it may be smart to place a foundation oil diffuser to give a pleasant fragrance in the surroundings and complete your home’s cleanliness. Creating a base oil diffuser is very easy to do. Here’s how you can do it:

Pick a container

The first thing you must do is to find a container for the diffuser. Any kind of container will do, as long as it’s not made of plastic material. Select a container which has a wide base and narrow opening, which will lessen the speed of evaporation. If you do not prefer to purchase a new container, you can utilize empty cologne bottles, small vases, soda or beer bottles, pepper and salt shakers, classic bottles, or anything identical. Just be sure that the container you plan to use is dry and clean prior to using it.

Get the reeds

The next thing you need to do is to acquire the reeds. Utilize new reeds only, because old and used reeds from a previous diffuser are less powerful. There are reeds which are specifically made for diffusers; however, if you can’t get this material, you may apply thin bamboo skewers. These can be easily found in many grocery shops. When choosing reeds, be sure that they’re long enough to stick out from the diffuser container or glass. Long reeds diffuse more scent into the surrounding because they expose more oil on top of the container.

Select a base oil

You’ll now need to choose a base oil. You’ve the option to utilize a commercially-prepared diffuser base oil or produce one by yourself by blending a small amount of vodka and a carrier oil, including almond oil or Argan essential oil. Using plain, natural oil without alcohol will not work since the oil is too heavy to rise up the reeds. Thus, you should mix your oil with a bit of alcohol to thin it out. You can buy your natural oil from organic and natural food stores or over the internet from sites like

Pick fragrance oils

Include scent to your diffuser by placing essential or fragrance oil in it. Fragrance oils are cheap, and they provide a more unique scent. You also only need a small amount of it to work because they can last very long. You may also blend some different types of essential oils until you have the scent you want. In addition, particular scents also produce specific effects. For instance, you can blend cinnamon, sweet orange and juniper essentials oils to get a warm, cozy sensation in the living room area.

Mix the oils

Put ¼ essential oil and ¾ diffuser base oil into your container. Using the reed, mix the 2 oils carefully.

Soak the reeds

Fill the container up to 80 % of its capacity with the mixed oils. The extra space is for the reeds, so that the oil won’t overflow. Stick five to six reeds into the container and allow it to sit for one hour before turning them over in order to show their soaked bottoms.

Before the diffuser oil has dried up, add fragrances or essential oils into the diffuser if you notice that it has lost its scent.

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