Nine Basic Steps to Make Our Natural Hair Wavy

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Steps to make natural hair wavy include cleaning your hair, using conditioner, drying the hair, applying jojoba essential oil and dividing your hair into sections, braiding your hair, braiding the other areas of your hair, spraying water on the hair, leaving your hair braided for many hours, and releasing the hair from the braids.

What makes natural hair wonderful is you can change it to just about any kind of hairstyle. You may read more about these hair styles from many magazines and from the web. This article will guide you on how to make your hair wavy without using heat or chemical compounds.

Wash the hair

The first thing you should do is to wash the hair. If you just had your hair braided or curled, make sure you untangle all the strands of the hair before soaking it with water. Then, use your typical shampoo and wash the hair carefully.

Use conditioner

After you’ve shampooed your hair and rinsed it thoroughly, apply conditioner to your hair. Natural hair requires all the moisture it can get to keep soft and shiny. Simply get your typical bottle of hair conditioner and apply a generous amount of it on the hair, especially at the tips where dryness is more prone to happen. Let the conditioner remain in your hair for at least five minutes, so that it will soak totally into the strands of the hair. And then, wash your hair using cool water.

Dry your hair

After going out from the shower area, you now need to dry your hair. You can just air dry your hair or utilize a hair dryer. If you wish to use a blow dryer, opt for the lowest setting, so it will not do so much damage to the hair. Dry the hair until it is just damp.

Utilize jojoba oil and split your hair into sections

While the hair is still damp, get your bottle of jojoba oil and use some amount of it on the hair. Jojoba oil is effective with natural hair. After utilizing jojoba oil, apply setting lotion onto your hair, as well. After that, divide your hair into four vertical sections and hold the 3 sections in place by tying each one with a scrunchie.

Braid your hair

Get one portion of your hair and further split it into little sections. Then, make a corn braid as close to your hair scalp as possible and to the back.

Braid one other sections of your hair

Approximately an inch near to your first corn braid, make another one. After that, release one of the remaining parts and braid it the same you did with the very first one. Perform the same thing to the rest of the other remaining portions until all strands of the hair have been braided in corn rows.

Apply water on your hair

Fill a bottle of spray with two ounces of water and then use it to liberally spray water on to your corn row braids.

Leave the hair braided for several hours

Keep the hair braided for about 18 hours to be able to acquire your preferred waves.

Release the hair from the braids

After eighteen hours, untangle the hair and release it from its braided hold. Do 1 section at a time and apply both hands to comb them. You may apply a strong hold hair spray to keep the waves longer.

If you desire to have tight waves, just braid your hair tightly and closer to the scalp.

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