Four Easy Steps to Develop a Water-Based Oil Intended for Relaxed Hair

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Easy steps to make a water-based oil for relaxed hair include getting ready the materials, knowing the functions of oil and water, selecting the right kind of oil, and combining the oil and water.

Oil and water are two key components that make hair moisturized and strong. Although they do not mix, their combination is essential, particularly for hair that has undergone a hair relaxing treatment. Relaxed hair makes the hair strands prone to dryness and damage. Here is how to make a water-based oil for relaxed hair:

Get ready the materials

The very first thing you should do is to prepare all the materials you’ll need. Preparing everything on your work space before you begin working will allow you to speed up the procedure because it simply removes cases of searching for a material during the procedure. The things you’ll require for your water-based oil include a bottle of sterilized water, a bottle of your favorite natural oil, and a trigger spray plastic bottle. Make sure you use only distilled water and not regular plain tap water for your water-based oil. It is because sterilized water has undergone a purification process which removed water additives and substances that can harm the hair. You can find all these things in local grocery stores, and you can also find more selections of natural oils in health food stores and online, such as from

Know the functions of oil and water

You must know how oil and water works in making your own hair healthy and gorgeous and why their blend is important. The water-based oil you will make for your relaxed hair should have 25% oil and 75% water. Although oil is commonly known to be a good hair moisturizer, it’s actually useless without water. It is because most oils only cover the surface of the hair. Water, however, penetrates deep into the shaft and moisturizes your hair. Unfortunately, water evaporates very fast. Meanwhile, oil stays much longer. Hence, if these 2 elements are combined, moisture can penetrate deep into the shafts of your hair for a lengthy period of time.

Pick the right kind of oil

Although there are many natural oils great for the hair, the best one to choose is probably coconut oil. What makes this oil distinctive from other natural oils is that it has the ability to penetrate into the shafts of your hair and moisturizes the hair both inside and out. You should know that this type of oil is in its solid form at room temperature, so you must warm it first before you can apply it. Furthermore, use only extra virgin coconut oil since it simply has the most nutrients. Other excellent natural oils you can also utilize include Moroccan oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, and also grape seed oil.

Combine the oil and water

Combine your choice of oil and the mineral water with a 1:3 proportion inside the bottle of spray. Before using the water-based oil, shake the bottle first. Apply it gently on the hair at least once a day, particularly at the ends where your hair is drier.

You can also apply your water-based oil with pomade overnight for a deep hair treatment.

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