Four Basic Points to Learn About Homemade Hot Oil Treatments for Dry Hair

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Basic items to learn about homemade hot oil treatment for dry hair include uses and effects, basic hot oil treatment, garlic hot oil treatment, and applying essential oils.

There are several causes of dry hair, including overwashing, consistent use of heated tools, dry weather, and also nonuse of conditioning products. Dry hair looks dull and breaks easily, which is typically the cause of split ends. Dry hair can be cured with regular hot oil treatments at home. The following are essential things you must learn about homemade hot oil treatments for dry hair.

Uses and effects

The fundamental function of hot oil treatments is to activate the follicles of the hair and to infuse moisture into the strands of your tresses. Although there are numerous commercially-made hot oil therapies you can simply buy, these contain harmful chemicals that can do more damage than good to your hair. In order to avoid these chemical compounds, only apply a hot oil treatment which you’ve made yourself at home. Furthermore, as reported by some professionals, there are a few people who acquire hair loss due to hot oil therapies. Furthermore, hot oil treatments can also cause the color of color-treated hair to diminish faster and make your hair dull. Hot oil therapy is, thus, not recommended for those whose hair has been color-treated, even if they utilize homemade hot oil therapies.

Quick hot oil therapy

A simple hot oil treatment is very simple to do. Even if you add extra ingredients or procedures to it, the entire idea is still the same and the process will not be too different from the fundamental one. A hot oil treatment can be as quick as an hour to as long as an overnight therapy; nonetheless, this greatly depends on the personal choice of the user, as well as the severity of her or his hair dryness condition. There are so many types of oils one can choose from. Some of the best oils for hot oil therapy include coconut oil, jojoba essential oil, olive oil, and Argan essential oil. These oils can be bought from the grocery, health food stores, and online, such as from To use any of these oils, all you have to do is to prepare the proper amount of oil for your hair. If you have short hair, you’ll need about ¼ cup of oil. For longer hair, you will likely need around ½ to ¾ cup. Heat the oil until it is just warm enough to touch, then apply it to your own hair and massage it to your scalp. After around 1 hour, rinse the hair using a regular shampoo and warm water.

Garlic hot oil treatment

Garlic is effective in managing hair loss troubles, and you can include this in your hot oil treatment. All you have to do is include garlic powder to your oil, and then prepare and do the hot oil therapy procedure as usual. You may also utilize a few pieces of dried garlic cloves. Simply place them inside of a glass container and add 3 heated tablespoons of your favorite oil. Let the blend sit for a few days before you heat it once again and use it as a hot oil therapy.

Utilizing essential oils

You may also apply essential oil for the hot oil treatment in combination with a carrier oil. With your choice of essential oil, mix some drops of it into a carrier oil and use the mixture for your regular hot oil treatment.

Test out the temperature of the oil first before using it to avoid injuring yourself.

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