3 Basic Steps to Develop a Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

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To create a natural antibacterial hand sanitizer, you must get your ingredients, mix all the ingredients in a bowl, and then pour the hand sanitizer in a plastic bottle.

A hand sanitizer is actually a must-have hygiene product you must keep in your purse at all times in order to keep yourself protected against germs which could spread thru the hands. You do not really need to purchase a hand sanitizer from stores and shops. With just simple tips, you can make your personal hand sanitizer utilizing all-natural ingredients which are safe yet as effective as commercial hand sanitizers. Here is how you can do it:

Gather your ingredients

You’ll need 2 parts aloe gel, one part distilled water, one part grain alcohol-vodka, and 4-5 drops each of 1 or 2 of your preferred essential oils. For a thicker consistency, minimize your distilled water. Make sure you correctly follow the ingredients to be used. Don’t substitute aloe juice for aloe gel, tap water for sterilized water, isopropyl alcohol for grain alcohol, or fragrance oils for essential oils as these may change the effects of the hand sanitizer. For the oils, you can use any or a blend of two of the following anti-bacterial essential oils:

* Tea tree oil. This particular oil is possibly the most popular and one of the most powerful and safest antiseptic essential oils. For years, it has been used for minor scrapes, cuts, as well as minor skin troubles, including acne. Tea tree oil may be used as a lone essential oil for your own hand sanitizer, or you can mix it with lemon or lavender oil.

* Lemon oil. This affordable yet effective antibacterial oil has been widely utilized as an antiseptic. With its fantastic scent, this will make a really relaxing smell and feel for your all-natural hand sanitizer.

* Lavender oil. This great smelling and very relaxing oil is another efficient antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil you can utilize for your hand sanitizer. Because it is safe for children, it has been utilized to aid heal cuts, alleviate burns, and treat insect bites.

* Geranium essential oil. Geranium is an excellent antibacterial oil you can put to your organic hand sanitizer. Apart from being an effective antiseptic, it is also known for its sweet scent and balancing properties that help control both greasy and dry skin.

Other oils that will make a fantastic ingredient for your hand sanitizer include Argan oil, that you can learn about at http://www.arganoilshop.com/, as well as thyme and eucalyptus. Other essential oils, like oregano and cinnamon, also have very effective antibacterial attributes; however, they’re not recommended for your hand sanitizer because they are very strong for your skin.

Combine all the substances inside a bowl

In a glass bowl, mix all the components using a plastic or glass spoon. Don’t use metals because these may react with any of your ingredients and alter the effects of your hand sanitizer.

Put your hand sanitizer in a plastic bottle

After mixing your ingredients well, put your all-natural hand sanitizer in a plastic bottle and close it tightly. You may either use a plastic spray bottle with cover or a small squeeze bottle.

With only three very simple tips, you can make your personal all-natural hand sanitizer that’s perfectly safe and effective. Now, you can say goodbye to germs.

To find out more about Argan oil, pay a visit to http://www.arganoilshop.com/

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