4 Perfect Schools for the Schooling and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents

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Schools suitable for the schooling and therapy of juvenile delinquents include therapeutic residential schools, wilderness therapy programs, army schools, and also detention centers.

Teen delinquents are minors who break the law. These young people normally have mental concerns, learning issues, attention-deficit-disorder (ADD), or deep-rooted community and family problems that lead them to behave in such a way. Attending public schools and other standard private schools might not give the best educational and therapeutic environment for them to learn and be rehabilitated. For juvenile delinquents, here are some schools you can consider:

Therapeutic residential schools

Inside therapeutic residential or boarding schools, juveniles live in the establishment for a period of weeks or months. Students don’t just enjoy the educational curriculum of these schools, but also from the therapeutic programs they offer, including group therapy and counseling, which are very much essential to juvenile delinquents. Students get to socialize with other kids with the same troubles, thus providing them a sense of belongingness. Such atmosphere will motivate them to change and become better people, knowing that some children are also fighting the same battle. With better self-esteem and also the right assistance from therapeutic residential schools, juveniles have a better chance of reforming than in regular schools.

Wilderness treatment programs

Wilderness therapy programs are short-term, outdoor treatment programs intended for young children with problems, such as teen delinquency. Although these programs do not concentrate on academic development, these aim to reform students by educating them values and expertise, such as self-esteem, self-respect, co-operation, teamwork, leadership, respect, as well as trustworthiness. Students are also required to improve their fundamental survival abilities, along with physical, mental, and social skills. These programs are executed outdoors in a managed environment that is free from distractions. Usual activities include various outdoor sports, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling, as well as yoga exercises. Like WildernessProgramsetc.com, these programs provide a more adventurous, recreational, and at the same time a more therapeutic environment for juveniles to reform and be corrected.

Military schools

For juvenile delinquents having minor offenses, as well as those without emotional and mental issues, army schools and academies are a smart option. For many, being in a military school is a noble place to be. With their highly-structured programs and strict rules, juveniles learn the values of discipline, order, leadership, teamwork, and also love for men and women and nation, and others. For teen delinquents with mental issues and deep-rooted emotional troubles, the military environment might not be for them. Students might find it difficult to manage the standards and live with the military setting.

Detention facilities

Some juveniles who repeatedly or seriously break the laws are sent to detention centers. Because they are minors, they still have the legal right to education; hence they are given educational programs while serving the sentence, such as those provided in public schools. Apart from taking major subjects, students also get art classes, vocational courses, and other extra-curricular activities, as well as counseling services to take care of their case.

Juvenile delinquents have various causes for behaving such. Unless he’s required to remain in a detention center, it is vital to understand the underlying cause of such conduct to know which school or program fits the child perfectly. The right school can effectively educate and reform the student.

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