Three Famous Egyptian Beauty Regimens of Cleopatra

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Famous Egyptian beauty programs of Cleopatra include utilization of aromatic oils, milk baths, and application of kohl eye liner.

Cleopatra is one of beauty’s legendary figures. In fact, the Egyptians, in general, are known for their beauty and their use of various beauty regimens. If you wish to try out some of Cleopatra’s or the Egyptian’s beauty techniques, check out this article to discover.

Usage of aromatic oils

Aromatic oils have long been linked to health and youthful beauty. These types of essential oils have varieties of potent nutrients and antioxidants. They can significantly improve skin and hair conditions when used externally. The nutrients and antioxidants nourish the skin and hair from inside, and also prevent free radicals from producing further damage onto them. Besides using aromatic oils externally, these oils also have powerful benefits when inhaled. Depending on the type of oil you utilize, you can get various effects from it, like healing of specific illnesses, soothing your senses after a strenuous day, or energizing the body for the day and the work ahead. Besides that, aromatic oils also have the capability to remedy several types of skin problems, such as acne, psoriasis, and irritated skin, among several others. Additionally, aromatic oils can also highly moisturize your skin, that helps in treating extreme skin dryness and itchiness. To utilize aromatic oils, all you should do is pour several drops of it into a warm tub of water, and then saturate in the water for several minutes. Alternatively, you may rub the oil on the skin and hair, especially immediately after a shower or during a therapeutic massage.

Milk baths

Aside from aromatic oils, Cleopatra was also well-known for having milk baths to maintain her timeless beauty. Milk baths also have a lot of benefits. According to, milk makes the skin silky smooth because it has lactic acid, which helps eliminate the skin’s dull surface. Moreover, milk is rich in healthy proteins and fats, which help moisturize your skin, making the skin soft and smooth immediately after soaking in a tub full of milk. Milk is also even believed to have the power to heal specific skin problems, making milk a great alternative to chemical medicines. All you need to do is purchase milk bath from the store, that may come in different kinds, such as powdered form, with fragrances, or exfoliants. Then, simply add your desired amount of milk bath into a tub of warm water, mix the milk bath and water thoroughly using your hands, and get inside the tub.

Use of Kohl eye liner

Complete your Egyptian beauty with kohl eye liner. The eye makeup is one of the most distinct features of Egyptian beauty. To acquire this makeup style, use Kohl eye liner to highlight your eyes by lining the upper and lower waterline of your eyes. Begin from the inside part of your eye, just nearby the tear duct, and slowly move towards the outside. As you get to the center, pull your upper eyelid upwards carefully and line the upper water line until you get to the outer side corner of your eye. Do the same thing to the lower eyelid and emphasize the line even more by working the eyeliner as close to the eyelashes as possible. Then, create the “winged tip” on the outer corners of your eyes.

Make sure to remove your eye liner before you go to bed at night.

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