Some Easy Ways to Create a Vinyl-Covered Paper Wallet

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Ways to create a vinyl-covered paper wallet include preparing the materials, designing the paper, attaching the vinyl to the paper, making the folds, and finishing the wallet.

Paper wallets are very inexpensive and can give a fun variety to your own collection of wallets. Nevertheless, they should be covered with vinyl material to make them more durable. Check out this article to know how to create vinyl-covered paper wallets.

Get ready the materials

The first thing you should do is to prepare and collect all the items you’ll need for this specific project in your work space. Vinyl envelopes are essential for paper wallets since they add defense to the fragile nature of these wallets’ material. The things that you will need include a piece of paper that measures 8.5 inches by eleven inches, markers or crayons, a pencil, craft glue, a paintbrush, a thin sheet of clear vinyl that is of the identical size as the paper, and bone folder or credit card. All these items, except for the credit card, are mostly found and can be easily bought in craft supplies shops.

Style the paper

The next thing you have to do now is to let out your creative talent and create a design on the paper. Along with your crayons, markers, and pencil, color, paint, or draw any particular style you desire on the paper.

Place the vinyl to the paper

After you’ve created a design on the paper, you will now attach the vinyl to the paper. To get this done, put some glue into a disposable container. Then, lay the paper flat on top of your work table with its imprinted side facing up. Get a paintbrush, dip this into the adhesive, and then paint the glue throughout the printed side of the paper. After ensuring that every surface of the printed part of the paper is protected with glue, get the vinyl and put this on the glue and paper to attach the two materials together. Just be sure you align all the sides of the vinyl sheet with the edges of the paper. Then, press the vinyl securely down to the paper. Wait for the adhesive to dry totally before doing the remainder of the procedure.

Make the folds

Turn the paper and vinyl over, so that the vinyl side will be facing down on the table. Then, fold the paper at the center and unfold it. Utilize the bone folder or bank card tip to enhance the crease at the middle of the paper. After that, fold the right and left edges to meet the crease at the center. You need to then have 3 creases. Unfold the paper and fold the 4 corners to meet the crease which is nearest to them. And then, fold the left and side edges to meet the crease at the middle.

Complete the wallet

Fold one of the short sides of the rectangle towards the contrary side, but 2 ½ inches short from the edge of that side. After that, fold the other short side to overlap the other folded side. And then, put the corners of the top layer to the pockets of the opposite layer. Fold the pocket one last time throughout its length.

Use a bone folder or the tip of a credit card to create a neat fold.

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