Some Easy Steps to Cover The Book With Clear Vinyl

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Steps to cover the book using clear vinyl include getting ready the materials, cutting the vinyl, shaping the vinyl, attaching the vinyl to your book, and removing extra corners.

For your own books to be good condition for a long period, you should cover them. Although there are several materials you can use to cover the books, vinyl is the most sturdy one. It doesn’t only protect the books from liquid spills, but it also allows you to see through the cover and determine the book. Check out this article to learn ways to cover your book with clear vinyl.

Prepare the materials

The very first thing you should do is to prepare the materials you’ll need and place them in your work space. Apart from the book you want to cover, you will need a vinyl liner, a pencil, a sharp pair of scissor, and adhesive tape.

Cut the vinyl

Get the vinyl liner, and put it flat on top of your own work table. To view how much of the vinyl liner you will need to cover the book without any extra material, place the book at the center of the open vinyl and fold the vinyl over the book, making sure that the vinyl covers the book on all sides. While you fold the vinyl, make sure that its fold is resting snugly on the spine of the book. After that, mark around two inches around the book, and then eliminate the book and cut this pattern out.

Form the vinyl

The next thing you’ll do now is to form the vinyl, so it will cover the book neatly. To do this, place the book open at the center of the vinyl liner you have just cut out, and be sure that the vinyl liner has extended beyond all sides of the book. After that, get your pencil and make a mark along the vinyl where the top edge of the spine is located. Extend this mark to its left and right sides, up to half an inch beyond the spine and towards the front and rear cover of your book. Perform the same thing to the bottom part of the book. Then, remove the book and cut from the top edge of the vinyl towards the tip of the line on the left part and another slit on the right side of the opposite tip of that same line. Do the same thing to the bottom part vinyl pencil mark. After you have made the four slits, fold the top and base flaps along the lines.

Attach the vinyl to the book

Put the book at the center of the vinyl, making sure that the folded bottom and top flaps are aligned properly along the bottom and top sides of the spine. Then, open the book down to the very last page, but without taking out the back cover from the vinyl. Flip the extra flap on the right section to cover the right edge of the book’s back cover and connect it in place utilizing adhesive tape. After that, ensure that the vinyl is resting tightly around the book and do the same thing to the front cover.

Take away extra corners

Remove excess corners of the vinyl that went beyond the corners of the book. To do this, begin at the tip of one corner and cut an inch towards the center of the edge of the flap. Cut the excess corner on the adjacent flap, as well. This will enable you to fold the flap neatly in place in the book cover and apply adhesive tape on the flap. Do the same procedure to the other 3 corners. You may also consider utilizing vinyl envelopes to add more protection to your precious books.

The materials you will need for this project is found in office supplies stores.

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