5 Easy Ways to Produce an Attractive CD Envelope

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Steps to make an attractive CD envelope include preparing the supplies, creating the template, creating the envelope, creating the window, and folding and attaching the flaps.

CD envelopes are very efficient since they protect CDs from dust and other elements, and they also aid maximize a limited space. They’re quite simple to make, too. However, rather than just making a plain-looking envelope, produce one that’s unique and appealing. Check out this article to know how you can do it.

Get ready the materials

The first thing you should do is to prepare and gather all the required materials in your work area. The things you will need for this task include a spare CD sleeve which you can use as a template, a clear film of plastic or some plastic sleeves, a pencil, a sharp pair of scissors, ruler, a spray adhesive, glue stick, and a tool that you can use to create a score. You will also need to search and acquire items which you can use for the distinctive body design of your CD sleeve. You can utilize scrapbooking papers, cardstocks, covering papers, pages from a magazine, and even fabric. Put designs and adornments on the sleeve together with stickers, cut-out pictures, or drawings using markers or crayons. Most of these objects are common household items; however, you can also buy them from the department store, particularly in the office supplies or craft section. If you wish to utilize fabric for your CD envelope, attach the fabric onto a cardstock or a thick sheet of paper using a spray adhesive.

Create the template

To make the template for your own CD envelope, get your extra CD envelope and carefully open all of its flaps without tearing any part of it. If the flaps are fastened securely to one another, place the envelope over steam for some minutes to soften the adhesive. Then, try separating the flaps from each other once again. After you’ve totally separated all the flaps and opened the spare envelope, place this under a thick book or heap of books to flatten the envelope.

Make the envelope

After your template has flattened, position the fabric, magazine page, scrapbook paper or whatever material you desire to utilize for your CD envelope flat on the surface of the work table. Then, put the template on top of the envelope material and find the outline of the template using your pencil or scoring tool. From then on, cut out the pattern.

Make the window

If you wish to create a viewing window on your envelope, draw a circle, approximately 4 inches in diameter, on the front side of the envelope, and cut this circle out. Then, cut a 4 ¾-inch square from the plastic film and glue this on the inside portion of the envelope to cover the round opening.

Fold and fasten the flaps

Place the first CD envelope on top of your 2nd envelope, and trace the 4 folds onto the 2nd envelope using a ruler and a pencil. Then fold the flaps of your second envelope based on the lines you’ve created. Before folding the lower flap, fold the right and left flaps first and flatten their creases. Then, glue the parts of the flaps which are overlapping one another, so the 3 of them will stay attached to one another.

All you need to do now is to slide the CD inside the new envelope, and fold the top flap to close the envelope.

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