3 Essential Things You Must Know About Making a DVD Sleeve

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Factors you need to know about producing a DVD sleeve include preparation, folding procedure, and finishing the sleeve.

DVD sleeves are very handy because they protect DVDs from dirt and scratches that can modify the way they play. Furthermore, they also don’t take as much space as standard DVD cases. Although you can easily buy paper DVD sleeves from the store, they are actually very simple to make. Check out this article to learn more about producing paper DVD sleeves.


Utilizing a DVD sleeve instead of a regular DVD case is not just economical; it can also shield your DVDs, as well as help maximize a limited amount of area. Some sleeves, especially paper sleeves, are even environment-friendly. To create a paper sleeve, you just need a regular-sized piece of paper. Sometimes, glue is used in creating DVD sleeves, although you will not need it to create a functional sleeve. With only an A4-size paper, you can already develop a DVD sleeve that has a size of 13 by 13 centimeters, the perfect size to place a DVD properly.

Folding process

To develop a homemade DVD sleeve, the first thing you’ll do is to fold the paper in two – lengthwise. From there, you’ll then be able to develop a pocket with creases that will allow you to put more than one DVDs or typical CDs. It’s possible to place more than a single piece of disk in the sleeve as long as you make adequate slacks in your sleeve for the number of disks you plan to set inside them when you create the folds. If you plan to put a lot of disks in the sleeve, then you must increase the slacks in the folds. With a regular 8.5 inches by 11 inches piece of paper, you can already develop a sleeve which can hold in as much as 5 or 6 DVDs or CDs. You’ll know that the sleeve you produced is of the right dimension when the external side of the disk is under the top corner of the sleeve. You can determine this when you put one of the disks in the sleeve pocket.

Completing the sleeve

A good and functional paper DVD sleeve which can keep more than one DVD requires the use of some kind of adhesive that’s applied on the sides of the paper, just along each fold. You can also create a strong and long-lasting DVD sleeve by utilizing interlocking folds, as well as flaps, but the sleeve will become much more sturdy and secure if you utilize some amount of adhesive onto it. Factory-made plastic sleeves let you view the DVDs or CDs inside the sleeves even without the need to take away the disks from their sleeves. Alternatively, you can just write the titles of the disks on the sleeves, so you would know what kind of disks are in the sleeves.

You may also add decorations to your DVD sleeve using markers and crayons.

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