Some Basic Ways to Prepare and Use Essential Oils as Sunscreen Lotion

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Easy ways to prepare and utilize essential oils as sunscreen include picking sesame oil, storing sesame oil in an easy-to-carry container, creating an insect-repellent oil, and using sesame oil to your skin.

With the thinning ozone layer, it’s not surprising that there are many people who’re now aging prematurely or having cancer of the skin. Therefore, it’s very important to protect one’s own self from too much sun exposure by using sunscreen. Although there are many commercial sunscreens available nowadays, natural sunscreens are better choices because they are not laden with harmful chemicals. Read this article to know how to prepare and use essential oils as sunscreen.

Pick sesame oil

Sesame oil can be utilized in several ways. Apart from cooking, this oil can also be utilized to safeguard your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Just make sure to pick one that’s for skin use. This is because sesame oil that is specifically manufactured for skin application went through special procedures and preparations, so that it can bring helpful benefits to the skin and not cause any dangerous effects. The sesame oil created for cooking purposes has a very strong odor and is not suitable for skin application.

Store sesame oil in an easy-to-carry container

Sesame oils typically come in large amounts, such as a quart or a gallon. Therefore, you should transfer this in a smaller container, so that you can carry the bottle with you wherever you want to go and utilize the oil anytime you feel you need to. Purchase a small plastic jar with a tight-fitting lid and pour in some sesame oil. Be sure to close the lid tightly before you place it inside your bag.

Make an insect-repellent oil

You can actually make an insect-repellent sunscreen oil out of your sesame oil. To do this, simply combine sesame oil with 1 or 2 essential oils that help repel insects. These types of essential oils include clove, cedar wood, peppermint, lavender, thyme, rosemary, and also moroccan oil. When using these essential oils, make sure to choose only ones that are 100% pure. These essential oils can be found in numerous health food shops and groceries, and you can also order them through the internet and have them sent to your house. To create an insect-repellent sunscreen oil, keep in mind that for each teaspoon of sesame oil that you put into the mixture, you must add three drops of each essential oil. Then, shake the mixture very well, and keep the rest of the pure sesame oil and essential oils in a cool and dark place.

Utilize sesame oil onto your skin

Get your bottle of plain sesame oil or the insect-repellent combination. Then, put a liberal amount of the oil onto the palms of your hands and just massage the oil onto the exposed parts of your body a few minutes before you go out the door. Just like using any typical sunscreen lotion, rub the oil to your arms, legs, face, neck, and ears. Reapply the sunscreen oil every couple of hours if you have to stay under the heat of the sun for a prolonged period of time, and more frequently if you’ve to go swimming. You need to also reapply the sunscreen lotion oil frequently if you are doing outdoor activities.

Consider buying organic essential oils only. This is because they provide more benefits than commercial sunscreens and oils.

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