Six Natural Cures to Treat Nail Fungus Effectively

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Natural cures to treat nail fungus include applying Leucatin topical solution or capsule, using natural oils on infected nails, soaking nails in vinegar solution, utilizing mouthwash as your soaking solution, utilizing Vitamin E oil, and soaking contaminated nails in hydrogen peroxide solution

Nail fungus is an infection of the nails in one or more of the fingers or toes, and it starts as a white or yellow speck under the end of the nail and propagates all over the nail. It provides the nail an unpleasant thick and discolored appearance with crumbling and sometimes painful sides. To help you treat this infection successfully, here are some affordable, natural treatments that you might want to know:

Use Leucatin topical solution or capsule

Leucatin nail fungus infection control is known to be one of the most effective solutions for treating nail fungus. It’s available in either a topical solution, which you can use on particular infected nails, or capsule, which can also attack fungus in other parts of your body. Its natural ingredients include ginger root, Echinaccea Purpurea tops, ethanol, jojoba oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil. Since it is very natural, no negative effects were observed in applying Leucatin in treating nail fungus.

Use natural oils on infected nails

Some oil extracts, like argan oil, have antibacterial properties which can destroy fungus deep in your nails. Simply drop oil on infected nail and massage very well, so the nail can absorb the oil and begin the healing from within. There is no need to rinse. Other oils you can utilize include tea tree oil and oregano oil.

Soak nails in white vinegar solution

Research has shown that vinegar kills and prevents fungus from developing in your nails. Mix one part vinegar into 2 parts warm water, and soak your nails for at least 15 minutes daily. Rinse well and pat dry. Make sure to dry your fingernails and toenails thoroughly as fungus survives in dark, moist areas. If skin irritation happens, lessen use of the solution to at least two times or thrice a week, but it may take longer to stop the nail fungus infection.

Apply mouthwash as your soaking solution

Not all mouthwashes are useful nail fungus therapies; thus, ensure you select one that has powerful antiseptic properties. Just soak nails in mouthwash for about twenty minutes two times a day and observe your contaminated nails improving in two weeks time.

Utilize E Vitamin oil

Although this natural treatment may show slow results, you will see that regular and continuous application of e vitamin oil onto infected nails will eventually allow growth of new nails which are free from fungus. Use a couple of times daily to treat nail fungus effectively.

Soak contaminated nails in hydrogen peroxide solution

Hydrogen peroxide (3%) has also been utilized by many individuals in treating nail fungus. You may soak contaminated nails in pure hydrogen peroxide for 15-20 minutes twice daily, or, if irritation happens, make a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water. There’s no need to wash. Simply pat dry utilizing an absorbent paper towel thoroughly.

Along with any of these remedies, always remember to keep your feet clean and dry. Avoid wearing socks and shoes without proper ventilation or those that don’t absorb sweat. Don’t walk barefoot in damp areas, especially in public places, to avoid getting the fungi from other infected people. With all the treatments above, it’s also important to keep in mind that some treatments might work well with other individuals, but not to you or others. If one treatment doesn’t work for you, try another one. Find out which is perfect for you.

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