4 Important Things You Need To Know About Homemade Body Oils

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Things you need to learn about homemade body oils include importance, soothing effect, moisturizing effect, and healing effect.

For centuries, body oils have been utilized as an alternative to conventional medicine. Body oils are very effective in relieving body pains and at the same time produce very mild or nonexistent side effects. With just a few ingredients found at home, you can make your own body oil. Check out this article to know more about homemade body oils.


Creating your very own body oil is like being a chef in your own kitchen. Making a homemade body oil allows you to incorporate components that will appeal only to you, such as those which have scents or textures which you like. In addition to that, not only are you aware of the particular ingredients incorporated in the body oil, but you can also customize the amount of nutrients through a particular ingredient you want in your finished item. Apart from being a chef in your own kitchen, you are also an explorer because you can experiment and try out many essential oils and organic ingredients for your homemade body oil recipes. Experiment and come up with your very own blend by adding either fruits or essential oils. Citrus and lavender oils are essential oils which can promote relaxation. Meanwhile, ginger, peppermint, and jasmine will aid make a stimulating effect. In addition, do not forget to utilize organic carrier oils or base oils for your own body oils.

Soothing effect

The use of body oils produces a warm effect on the skin due to the oil’s power to stimulate the blood to move towards the surface of the skin. Ginger gives a natural, invigorating effect. If you mix ginger with essential oils, this effect will turn into a calming one. To get the soothing effect of ginger, all you have to do is grate a piece of ginger and blend this with cocoa butter, apricot oil, e vitamin oil, and sesame oil. Put the mixed ingredients inside a saucepan over low heat and wait until all the ingredients have melted and combined really well. Once the blend has cooled down, move this into a bottle with a tight lid, and use the ginger oil solution any time you want.

Moisturizing effect

Although you can Click here to get more information about body oils, you might also want to know that body oils offer great moisturizing effects on both normal and dry skin. To make a moisturizing body oil, all you need to do is to get a piece of peach, mash and strain it, and put it in a bowl. Add into the mashed peach almond or coconut oil, benzoin drops and orange floral water. Then, mix all the ingredients until its texture becomes fluffy, and transfer the mixture inside a bottle. Use your moisturizing body oil anytime, and keep it in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.

Healing effects

Body oils also provide therapeutic effects due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic components of its ingredients. To make a healing oil, just combine jojoba oil with almond oil and essential oils, like ginger and lavender. Store the oil inside a handy container, so that you can carry it anywhere with you and utilize the oil anytime when there are emergency skin issues.

Consider using organic ingredients only in making your body oil.

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