Some Essential Things You Need To Know About Growing Argan Trees

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Significant things you must know about growing Argan trees include features, benefits, rate of growth, and process.

Argan trees are indigenous in Morocco. For hundreds of years, these trees have supplied the residents of Morocco with oil that’s highly beneficial. Since word of their benefits has spread around the globe, many beauty and health product suppliers are now after them. However, only a limited amount of oil can be made at a time because of these trees’ slow growth rate. Read this article to understand more about growing Argan trees.


Argan trees can expand to a height of 13 to 20 feet. These trees have thick branches that give canopies shaped like umbrellas, and they also have leaves that are dark-green in color and lance-shaped. These trees make yellow green-colored blossoms, and also yellow green-colored fruits that are round and with thick peelings. Their fruits have a hard-shelled nut inside, that is surrounded by a milky pulp, and inside each nut contains three white, oily kernels.


Argan trees provide a lot of benefits to people, animals and the surrounding environment. Argan oil is taken from the kernels of these trees, just after the kernels are roasted and also ground. This oil has a rich aroma and flavor, and it’s also rich in nutrients, that is why it is utilized in various ways, including culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal preparations. Roasted and ground kernels that are devoid of oil are then given to the cattle as pressed cakes. In the wild, goats along with other types of animals climb on the branches of Argan trees to feed on its leaves and fruits. In addition, the roots of these trees also help prevent desertification since they protect the ground from erosion.

Growth rate

As outlined by American University, Argan trees have a very slow rate of growth. Due to this, plans for commercialization and mass creation of its oil are very difficult to achieve. Normally, a tree at its 7th year can just grow around 13 to 16 feet tall. When you compute the growth rate of the tree annually, only around two feet of its height grow annually. American University also stated that Argan trees live very long. They can live from 125 to 150 years. At maturation age, these kinds of trees can achieve 26 to 33 feet tall.


Right in your personal backyard, you can grow your own Argan tree. All you have to do is acquire a seed and a few tools and materials to help it grow. Prepare a 3-inch plastic pot full of damp soil that is made up of one portion humus, 1 portion peat moss, and two portions loam. Then, put the seed two inches deep into the soil. Right after a month, when germination has taken place and when 2 leaves have already sprouted from the seedling, move this to a six-inch plastic pot. Fill the pot with a soil blend of one portion humus, one portion peat moss, and 3 portions soil. After a couple of weeks and before the roots of the plant becomes damaged due to limited space, move this to the ground. Find an area in your yard that has lots of sunshine, has good water flow and with good soil. The normal habitat of Argan trees has poor soil quality, and these trees also do not require a lot of attention to grow. During the summertime, make sure to water your Argan plant, especially if you notice that the soil has become very dry.

Argan trees aren’t very fussy plants, and they need very little maintenance. As long as there is good drainage in the soil they are planted in, they can survive even with brackish water.

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