Some Different Types of Elevators and Their Door Sizes Specifications

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Types of elevators include home elevators, Limited Use Limited Access elevators, dumbwaiters elevators, and also shipping elevators. They’ve diverse door sizes specifications.

There are various kinds of elevators with varying sizes, usage, and installation. While elevators are generally found in public venues and business institutions, they are also installed in residential properties. Residential elevators serve the goal of helping the elderly and the handicapped, or just for the basic convenience of the rich homeowner. Elevators can be personalized based on the personal tastes of the homeowner, or they can be installed following certain standards to provide service to the public or clients of the business institution. From several doors to wide doors, this article will inform you about the various types of elevators and their specifications.

Home elevators

Several producers of personalized elevators declare that houses with an extra space of a minimum of 20 feet can be constructed with a residential elevator. The homeowner can have the doors set up at the front part of the elevator, or he can put another door at the back or one of its sides. The normal size of residential elevator doors is thirty six inches wide. However, the height will be based upon the size of the automobile. Elevator door manufacturers provide a variety of choices for car heights which include six feet and 8 inches, 7 feet, and eight feet.

Limited Use Limited Access elevators

Limited Use Limited Access elevators, which are also called as LULA elevators, are used in public locations, offices, and other institutions that are nonresidential. Although the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) demands public venues to be available to both handicapped and nondisabled users, Limited Use Limited Access elevators do not meet this standard. Executive Residential Elevators says that the standard dimension of a LULA elevator door is only 42 inches by 54 inches. However, there are some elevator producers that can make LULA elevators with door sizes of 36 inches by 80 inches.


Dumbwaiters are elevators that are meant to transport utility services. This type of elevator can be installed in business institutions or in houses. There are some older homes that were built with this kind of elevator so as to help in the transportation of laundry from 1 floor to another. Sometimes, you will find dumbwaiters in hotels and similar institutions for the staff to use in order to supply or get food or laundry from rooms in various floor levels. A well-known elevator manufacturer supplies dumbwaiters elevators with doors which come in three various sizes, including 28 inches by 28 inches, 22 inches by 22 inches, as well as 18 inches by 18 inches.

Freight elevators

You will find freight elevators in international airports, warehouses, factories, and other big institutions which store and produce items. Shipping elevators come in a variety of sizes and may have 1 or 2 entrances. There are many manufacturers that can make freight elevators in various classes. Smaller shipping elevators have doors measuring 34 inches by 84 inches and 46 inches by 84 inches. Big shipping elevators with supporting doors have door sizes that can range from 68 inches x 84 inches to 92 inches x 84 inches.

If you are planning to install an elevator in your home or business office, make sure to identify and list down your needs, as well as the individuals who will be using it, before looking for a manufacturer.

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