5 Significant Duties and Responsibilities of the Human Resources Department

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The following are the duties and responsibilities of the HR office: manages recruiting and staffing needs, administers payroll and benefits, enforces a good relationship, ensures the protection and security of the workers, and provides employee training and development.

The Human Resources department has a big role in a business. Usually, they are the mediator between the company and the workers. Employees go to them for work-related issues, while employers also go to them whenever new information has to be disseminated to the employees. Other than these, there are still many duties and obligations that the HR department must execute. Read this article to learn.

Handles hiring and staffing needs

Normally, applicants and potential employees have their first interaction with the corporation through the Human Resources staff. Applicants pass their work applications to the HR department, where they would also be interviewed. The work of the recruitment section of the HR department is to make labor force projections, to identify the availability of the applicants, and to determine the suitability of the candidates to the available jobs in the organization. It is also common for the Human Resource staff in this specific area to have contacts with other corporation from outside the company, like recruitment agencies, and colleges or universities, where they can acquire possible employees from. Moreover, the employment personnel also use the media, including magazines, radio, or television, to advertise work vacancies and HR Placement in their firm.

Administers payroll and benefits

Payroll and compensation specialists are the ones responsible for the monetary aspect of those who are employed. These people should ensure that the workers are compensated well for their contribution to the firm through the provision of their earnings, development of a great compensation structure, distribution of the payroll, and coordination of employee benefits, such as retirement savings and health care insurance. The personnel in-charge for payroll and compensation make a compensation program for the whole corporation that will satisfy the workers while making sure that the corporation is also profiting well.

Enforces a harmonious relationship

It is also the obligation of the Human Resources office to impose a strong, good relationship to all people in the company. The personnel of the Human Resources department resolve conflicts between workers, between an employee and the company, and between a worker and a benefit provider. In addition, representatives of the staff relations section of the HR department are responsible for designing a system for performance management, developing a program for employee recognition, and determining the satisfaction degree of the workers. It is the concern of the labor relations personnel the issues that pertain to unionized staff. They process the issues of the employees; take part in union contract bargaining sessions, and they represent the employer when there’s settlement, mediation, and all other forms of processes to resolve disputes.

Ensures the protection and security of the staff

The Human Resource department also ensures that the employees perform their responsibilities in a safe environment. They make guidelines for managing injuries that are incurred while at work, and they also ensure that the staff and the corporation comply with the laws and regulations regarding employment.

Provides employee training and development

The Human Resources department provides workers with training opportunities which will allow them to develop the skills they need for personal and professional development. The HR personnel in-charge for training and development know how to identify the needs of the employees and how to design curriculum and developmental strategies. They find ways in handling attrition, and backsliding of the workplace which accompanies the decrease in employees.

HR personnel must be highly knowledgeable about their tasks and responsibilities. Thus, they must also undergo regular trainings to develop their skills.

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