4 Essential Differences Between Probiotics and Antibiotics

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Important differences between probiotics and antibiotics include function, effects, mixture of probiotics and antibiotics, and safety measure.

Antibiotics and probiotics are 2 terms which relate to the handling of bacteria. Antibiotic simply means against the presence of live bacteria, while probiotic implies help for live bacteria. Read this article to find out the differences between antibiotics and probiotics.


Antibiotic is a form of medicine that is given to treat a bacterial infection. Antibiotics work by killing the offending bacteria which are causing the infection. Unfortunately, it does not only kill harmful bacteria, but all the bacteria in the system, either bad or good. Probiotics, on the other hand, are live and good bacteria. They are taken to supply the body with good bacteria in order to create a balance in the system. Good bacteria, including ones that come from probiotics, promote healthy digestive function and control the quantity of fungi and yeast inside the body, so that they will not cause any illness to the human host. When all the bacteria in your body are eradicated as a result of an antibiotic therapy, nonbacterial infections oftentimes arise because of the absence of microorganisms which control their presence.


Our digestive tract has resident bacteria, which are good bacteria. These bacteria help maintain a healthy body system by combating harmful bacteria and fungi that may be present in your body. They also enhance the immune system, which increases the body’s power to recover from sickness and shield the body from ailments. In addition to that, they also turn waste materials into valuable nutrients, which are then released into the blood stream and into the entire system of the body. A great example of this is the supply of extra B-group vitamins and substances which provide protection against the development of tumors and cancers. Probiotics are small and healthy organisms that are introduced to the body. They assist shield the body by maintaining a natural and healthy balance of microorganisms in the intestines. Utilizing probiotics is regarded as a safe and organic approach when it comes to controlling unsafe microorganisms, which are the popular cause of microbial infections. On the other hand, antibiotics kill harmful and even friendly resident bacteria in the intestines. Although bacterial infection may be healed, other problems could also arise, such as herxing and candida albicans. Oftentimes, a full course of antibiotic therapy is stopped because the person taking the antibiotic is having diarrhea, that resulted from the absence of good bacteria that are supposed to aid in normalizing digestion.

Combination of probiotics and antibiotics

Because of the side effects of antibiotics, you should take probiotics while undergoing an antibiotic treatment. The antibiotic will destroy all the bacteria in the digestive tract, but the probiotics will replace the good bacteria which were lost. As a result, there’s a much lesser chance that complications would arise from the antibiotic therapy.


The consumption of probiotics isn’t governed by any government regulation, unlike that of antibiotics. Although probiotics are said to be safe, you should still take it with a grain of salt because there’s a possibility that the friendly bacteria could become harmful.

People, whose immune systems are already compromised, could die if they take in probiotics. Thus, there are medical institutions that specifically do not allow the administration of probiotics in their Intensive Care Units.

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