3 Important Aspects of Emotional Development in Early Adulthood

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Three vital factors of emotional development for teenagers include love and relationships, living on their own, and career development.

The early adulthood phase of life typically starts around 17 to 24 years of age. During this specific period, there are various occurences that will shape a person’s emotional growth. Thus, it is essential that certain aspects of their lives be completely supported and strengthened to allow young adults to become mentally healthy, psychologically strong, and have over-all well-being. Check out this article to learn more about emotional growth in early adulthood.

Love and human relationships

The capability to find someone and make a relationship with that person who is either successful or a failure has a great effect on the emotional growth of a young adult. Those individuals who are in a gratifying and loving relationship will ultimately have an increased degree of well-being and self-esteem; meanwhile, those who’re struggling with their relationships will suffer the contrary emotional effects. There are three kinds of relationship attachments that are recognized by most people. There are those individuals who believe they’ve a secure relationship built on trust and who also see their partners not just as lovers but also as good friends. There are people in resistant attachment relationships who typically experience a lot of pros and cons in their relationships, and also a lot of changes they’re unprepared for. This type of relationship may result in an individual having a bad perception of himself or herself and also becoming very desperate in the relationship. The third type of relationship attachment is the avoidant attachment, which signifies that cold feelings and mistrust are involved. This type of relationship can simply lead to both individuals choosing to be unfaithful to each other and becoming violent with the use of alcoholic beverages.

Living alone

Young adults also often choose to give up some pleasures in their own lives so they can leave home and live on their own. This allows them to develop a greater level of independence and also the capability to become self-reliant. Regardless of this, several young adults eventually go back to their family homes after being away for a while for various reasons which can include monetary issues after graduating from university or getting away from Boot Camps for teenagers. People who live in houses with very extreme situations often leave at a much younger age; while others tend to leave later when poverty is an issue. When a young adult leaves home at the proper time, this can actually benefit them by strengthening his or her emotional growth. In many cases, young adults who leave the house too early have less educational accomplishment and lower job success as compared to their friends who leave their family homes at the right time.

Career growth

Career development also has a great effect on the emotional development of teenagers. Because these individuals move out by themselves and begin to monetarily support themselves, they also often focus more on improvement of their careers or on pursuing a higher level of education. Men have a greater inclination to lend more importance to these kinds of goals, while women are sometimes divided between the formation of their own families and building their professions. Improved self-esteem and also healthy emotional growth will result from these types of investments made by teenagers.

How you want your children to become teenagers depends on the central values which they are educated in their homes, their communities, and their educational institutions. Thus it is crucial that kids are molded the right way so they can learn to make the right decisions on their own.

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