Six Valuable Tips in Trading Old Gold for Cash

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Suggestions in trading old gold for money include getting an appraisal worth, going to a refinery, selling it to dealers, visiting a coin store, selling it on eBay, and selling it to online gold buyers.

Gold fillings, old gold jewelries, and even gold electronic parts can be traded for cash. Although you’ll only get little cash out of these items, selling them is still a much better idea than just leaving these items hidden in your cabinet. Read this article to learn how to trade old gold for money.

Obtain an appraisal value

Visit a reliable gold dealer and get an appraisal value for your old gold. You don’t really have to sell your gold to the appraiser since your objective is simply to know how much your gold’s value is if you are going to sell it. You’ll probably get more objective evaluation if you’ll just notify the dealer that you only desire to pay for the appraisal and you are still unsure in marketing the object. Ask the appraiser regarding the gold’s purity, and also how much gold your appraised item is made up of. Electronic components may not have much gold in them, but jewelry items can be made fully of gold. You’ve the option to get the appraisal worth from a jewelry shop or from a pawnshop. Jewelry shops provide a much more accurate price for your old gold than pawnshops, except that they’d request a certain amount of fee for appraising the item. Pawnshops, on the other hand, are not as correct as jewelry shops, but appraising items there are normally free. If you decide to have it evaluated in pawnshops, have it done in at least two pawnshops.

Go to a refinery

There are several cash for gold locations, and one of them is a gold refinery, which is an industrial facility which melts gold. You will get a good price for your old gold from them since these facilities are direct gold buyers. Old gold pieces, when sent to gold refineries, are melted and converted into new pieces of gold items. They’ll pay you based on the gold price on the market that day. You can decide to come back another day when prices are high.

Sell it to retailers

In case you don’t have a gold refinery close to your place, you can sell your old gold to gold retailers. You may sell it to the supplier where you had your old gold appraised, or you can search for other dealers who have higher offers to your gold.

Check out a coin shop

Although coin stores normally buy old coins, they purchase gold pieces, too. You can check out these retailers to find out if you can get a great offer for your old gold pieces.

Sell it on eBay

Set up a free account on eBay and have the old gold listed for public sale. You can choose the individual who gives the greatest bid.

Market it to online gold purchasers

There are also a number of buyers of gold online who will even provide you with the materials for delivery. Simply enter the appropriate keywords on the internet browser, and select which purchaser you need to sell your gold to. Be sure you choose one that’s licensed by the Better Business Bureau because there are many dishonest gold buyers.

If you are planning to sell your old gold, have it insured first before you send it to a buyer.

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