Four Valuable Ideas in Finding Scrap Gold Buyers

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Tips in locating scrap gold buyers include getting your gold assessed, bringing your gold to a coin retailer, going to a local gold refinery, and locating purchasers on the web.

With the price of gold continually raising, it is not surprising that most folks are now in the industry of buying and selling gold. You do not have to be in this kind of business to generate income. In fact, you can turn your scrap gold into cash, rather than just leaving them worthless in your cabinet. Check out this article to know how to find scrap gold buyers.

Have your gold evaluated

Go to a jewelry store in your area and have your gold examined. These shops have the tools and skills to ascertain the amount of gold in your item, as well as figure out if it is scrap or if it could have more worth than that. An attendant will usually weigh the gold item utilizing a weighing scale to know its purity and its weight in grams. The shop will also be able to determine the gold’s quality, and they’ll offer you an idea on your gold’s projected worth.

Take your gold to a coin store

If you’ve gold coins, you can bring them to a coin store in your area. Coin retailers handle gold daily, and they’re more likely to be the top customers of gold at competitive prices among all other places. Some coin shops also purchase jewelry, and also other scrap gold at bigger costs. With this in mind, it is advisable that you bring your gold at coins shops first before you go to a jewelry store, so you will have a good basis for the cost of your scrap gold.

Check out a local gold refinery

You can also get competitive prices for your scrap gold at gold refineries. Refineries are plants which melt down gold, so that they can be turned into gold bars, bullions, and gold coins. Going to a gold refinery will let you get a very high cost for your gold since they follow the purchasing value for gold on that specific day. Try to sell your scrap gold items on a day when the value of gold is at its highest, so you can ensure that you get a rate for every ounce of your gold. Search for refineries that will pay you a minimum of 95 % of the price of pure gold you sell.

Find buyers online

Another way to find buyers for your scrap gold would be online. Besides gold refineries and coin stores, there are also numerous scrap gold buyers on the web. Many online gold buyers would even sometimes give their sellers all the needed shipping supplies to mail the gold, such as a padded envelope. Simply enter in the terms “cash gold” or something similar to that into a search engine, and you will be supplied with a list of many scrap gold buyers whom you can check for authenticity at the Better Business Bureau. In addition, you can market your scrap gold on eBay through their web based auction. Just register at the site and follow their guidelines. This will aid get a fair price for your scrap gold by choosing the consumer who will give the highest bid.

Have your gold insured if you plan to sell it online.

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